The Beginning Of End Citizens United

When the Supreme Court made its decision on Citizens United in 2010 the world was shocked. It was officially completely legal to not have to reveal the sources of who financed a campaign. With this decision, many people became concerned that big money would have an even bigger impact on politics and the government of the United States.

This court decision is why End Citizens United was formed. They wanted to stand together to make sure that politicians were led by the needs of the American people instead of the wants of big corporations. It is still unknown what kind of impact that the Supreme Court decision will have in the future and End Citizens United wants to make sure the ramifications are minimized. They continue to fight to get the rulings overturned for the sake of the people.

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Every generation has court cases that make a deep impact on both the lives of those in the country and history books. End Citizens United believes that the decision made about the actions of Citizens United will go down in history like the decisions made on integrating school racially and abortion. The amount of controversy that this case has caused is quite significant already and End Citizens United predicts that it will cause more in the future.

The case of Citizens United started back in 2008 when the conservative group made a 90-minute long film that attacked Hillary Clinton during the presidential primaries. While the Political Action Committee argued that it was a movie expressing their beliefs, many others believed that it was just a long political ad. To add to the controversy, Citizens United refused to reveal who funded the project or how much it cost to produce and air.

The campaign funding law at the time required that funding sources are made public and Citizens United refused to follow these laws. The Federal Election Committee ordered that they reveal who funded the film, but instead of complying they eventually took the matter to the Supreme Court. At this point, Barack Obama was already elected president of the United States.

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