Richard Dwayne Blair Approach to Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair works for Wealth solutions as a financial advisor. This firm deals with the provision of financial advisory services to their broad base of clients. Their services include the following:

  • Retirement planning. They give the client a perfect way to be prepared for this period that catches most people unaware
  • Wealth management. The firm also provides advice on how to manage the available assets to ensure that they are productive for a long period.

Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the chief advisors in this institution. He has accrued massive experience after handling numerous cases that are different from each other. This diversity of the client’s issue has enabled him to be prepared with a solution to almost everything that is brought up to him. Recently, Richard Dwayne Blair gave the three steps that he uses to manage clients’ wealth issues. The techniques have so far proven to be highly effective in wealth management. The following are some of the significant steps that he takes customers through:

  1. Step One.

Initially, Richard Dwayne Blair seeks to understand the client’s plans. He sits down with the client and engages him/her in a talk that is directed towards identifying the specific goals that the client wants to achieve within a particular period. This process is called laying the financial roadmap. Most of these primary discussions are very fruitful. He also seeks to understand the specific fears that the client may be having regarding achieving the dream. From the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s plans, Richard can prepare for the next step effectively.

  1. Step Two.

The second step borrows from the information obtained from the first phase. This is the period where the actual strategizing is done. Richard Dwayne Blair advices the client putting into consideration the resources that he/she has. Mostly, he prefers to give the client a long-term investment plan.

  1. Step Three.

The third phase is the actual implementation of the financial plan laid down in the previous step. Richard takes the client step by step through the implementation process. He also closely monitors the actual performance of the business to the initial plan. Richard is there for the client until the company breaks even and becomes an established firm.