Clay Siegall & The Future of Cancer Research

Cancer Research is one of life’s greatest achievements thanks to it’s relevance in today’s society. Cancer has been around for decades and decades with little to no major success of eradicating the illness. Luckily in today’s time there is one organization who is revolutionizing the industry with it’s antibody breakthrough therapies. Seattle Genetics is the name and saving lives is the game. This Bothell, Washington based company is among the leaders when it comes to cancer research, development of drugs, and commercialization. Of course any great company/business needs great leadership and Clay Siegall epitomizes the word great with his very own actions.


Dr. Clay Siegall has been in the industry for years and has worked with some of the most high profile organizations in the field such as Bristol Myers Squibb, The National Institute of Health, and The National Cancer Institute. Dr. Siegall has built a solid structure for Seattle Genetics to stand on. His strong belief of scientific innovation, drug development, and thorough research is like the “Holy Grail” of the industry. HeraldNet News reported that in the next few years this organization will undergo some big changes as it will offering a suite of new products as well as adding another 200 employees to their roster which will bring their full total up to 1,100. Forbes has ranked Seattle Genetics as one of the fastest growing companies in America for the second year in a row.


All of these advancements and upgrades are courteously coming from the work of Dr. Siegall as he has been transcending the game into new territories. This accomplished individual has a resume of success including a Ph.D in Genetics, (BS) in Zoology, author of more than 70 successful publications, and currently holds about 15 patents. The greatness here just can’t be denied as the future of cancer research is in pretty good hands as long as Dr. Clay Siegall is involved in it’s daily changes.


Values taught at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization which finds its roots back in 1922. It was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, who was succeeded by Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, one of his students. Rav Yehuda later handed over to Rav Berg. Kabbalah centre has grown widely across the world with over 40 capitals plus a broad online capacity. The centre has instructors whose aim is to impart its learners with Kabbalistic values. The doctrines learn from the Kabbalah Centre assist its students to develop their lives, thereby improving the society and the world at large.


Kabbalah Centre aims at teaching five main values. The students are taught the virtue of sharing what they have with the less fortunate. Sharing is a source of joy and satisfaction. When people share, they become selfless and connect to The Deity. Kabbalah Centre also aims at enabling its students become mindful of their ego and how to balance it. The ego, if not well attended to, can be harmful to other people since one is made to believe that s/he is better than others. However, if one is able to balance his/her ego, one is inspired to act and know how to do so.


The other value taught at Kabbalah Centre is the existence of natural laws that have an effect of people. For instance, our lives are as a result of our actions- whether positive or negative. Another value instilled at Kabbalah center is the value of oneness. This means that no one is self-sufficient. Everyone has a role to play to avert global issues like poverty and conflict. This means that people can’t have a meaningful life if others are in anguish. Finally, Kabballah Centre coaches on how to get out of our comfort zone, become selfless and assist those in need.

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OSI Group Leads In The Provision Of Custom Food Solutions In The Globe

OSI Group is a renowned supplier of quality food products to retail food brands and food services in the world. Over the years, the privately held company has been offering unrivaled resources and reach. OSI has been developing custom food products and food supply chains in the globe. The Capital Group has more than 20,000 employees and over 65 facilities located in 17 countries.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions UK was the recipient of the prestigious Globe of Honor Award for its remarkable ability to manage environmental risks. The British Safety Council presented the award to OSI during a luncheon, which was held at Draper’s Hall, London. Other 17 countries were also presented with the award. For companies to be nominated for the prestigious prize, they had achieve the required minimum of five stars. This requirement was reviewed by the environmental management audit scheme of the British Safety Council between August 2015 and July 2016. Such organizations needed to exhibit to the independent panel of experts about their strategies of managing the environment.

Lynda Armstrong OBE congratulated OSI Food Solutions UK on behalf of the employees and trustees of the British Safety Council. The environmental manager of OSI in Europe, Kelly Grimwood, received the award from British Safety Council’s CEO, Mike Robinson. Mike contended that all the winners had inspirational stories to share about their journey towards conserving the environment. OSI UK has been in operation since 1989. It engages in the production of pork and beef products for different restaurants. In 2013 and 2015, the company was also the winner of the Globe of Honor award.

Currently, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe. Previously, Flagship Food Group, Denver, owned the enterprise. Flagship Europe has been engaged in the business of supplying sous vide products, frozen poultry, mayonnaise, pies, dressings and sauces to the vast food service market in the UK. After acquiring Calder Foods, Flagship Europe was able to expand its presence in the lucrative food-to-go sector. Calder is a supplier of sauces, dips, mayonnaise, marinades, and sandwich fillings. It is based in the UK. The president and chief operating officer of OSI, David McDonald posited that acquisition of the Flagship would give OSI Europe a wider presence in Europe.

In 2016, OSI Group purchased the Tyson Foods facility in Chicago. According to Cook County Recorder of Deeds, the consideration for the acquisition was $ 7.4 million. Caroline Ahn, Tyson Foods spokeswoman said that the company would have lost 480 jobs. In their final production day, there were only 250 employees remaining at the firm. Kevin Scott posited that the facility would enhance OSI’s capacity to meet the evolving needs of the consumers. Scott is OSI North America’s senior executive vice president.

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Getting Advice on College Basketball Betting

If you have been involved in betting, you may have a family member or friend say something negative about a particular team winning. They could have said something like they have hopes that points for Tigers should get a plus. Maybe you have heard this information and decided to act on them by placing a bet. The chances are that information provided by these individuals are wrong. If you placed a bet based on the choice, it might have resulted in losses. What everyone has to learn about betting is that it involves a critical analysis of information. To get the right information, one has to learn everything about sports. Success and failure with betting lie in having the right information or not.

One great place to get the right information about College Basketball odds is The company provides an array of resources for individuals to learn about betting. The name of the website is an explicit reference to the term people say when a particular team has won. The website is just the ultimate betting destination because it gives real time data on college basketball games. The site should also help new betting players learn about different terms. Any newbie should get adequate information about how the world of gambling works. has made it easier to understand college basketball betting. The website provides all the information needed when making the best betting decisions. You should check the website to ensure that the details you provided are verified. If confirmed, it means that you will be getting information from reputable sources. This should assist in shaping your betting strategy and make huge profits.

Many people that have failed in the betting industry have rushed on it. Rushing to betting is a big mistake. This should not define your activity. All you have to do is to move with the correct steps to avoid falling into the hands of cons. Cons may purport to offer training and information at a price. You can find all these information at free websites like All you need is a proper understanding of teams to become successful. Monitor the general feelings of teams to a particular game and you will be likely to succeed. Betting is a lot like investing. You should not rush into making any quick decisions. Take the information at and analyze it to have the best betting odds.

Spend More Time Practicing As A Dentist

Being a dentist is a craft, a medical profession finessed in medical school. Running a dental practice is a business, and not all dentists want to spend their time running a business or really know how to effectively do so. After all, dentists are trained in medical school to be the best doctors they can be, and they are not trained in business school to become business owners. This is why it can feel so tricky for a dentist to run their own business and why an affiliate could be a great option to help handle the business aspects.


That is where MB2 Dental steps in. MB2 Dental has the ability to handle all the aspects of the business that will facilitate it’s growth. Dentists can focus on being dentists while the business can grow to the degree it wants. This affiliate helps to handle issues that most dentists are not prepare to handle on their own relating to the business side of their practice. MB2 Dental handles issues like HR, billing, recruiting, marketing, accounting, and compliance. This allows dentists to finesse their practice and keep it running as smoothly as possible so they can spend more time doing what they were professionally trained to do while expanding the business and making more money.


MB2 Dental handles these aspects that could normally take away from a dentist’s precious time practicing on his or her patients. Hiring an affiliate not only helps the practice to run smoother but helps the business to grow faster. As the dentist has more time to practice dentistry he or she can take on more patients in his day thereby expanding the practice. As this happens the affiliate has the know how to recruit other candidates that would be good for the practice, to thoroughly vet them and onboard them into their new positions. The practice then has the ability to grow, open new locations, hire more dentists and dental assistants and take on more patients. As the business expands from there MB2 Dental has the ability to handle accounting, HR and billing to handle patient accounts and money handling for the business.


Best Wines for 2016 Holiday, According to UK Vintners

UK Vintners PLC is a reputable and independent wine merchant in the United Kingdom that specializes in the sale and acquisition of fine wines. Just recently, the organization released their new list of the best wines. These wines will be enjoyed by people in the 2016 holiday season. Here are some of the top five wines that were selected by experienced and dedicated wine consultants working at UK Vintners.

Beycheyelle 2008

This extraordinary wine has been available since 2008, and it is considered to be soft and fruity. The wine is made using hints of cranberry and raspberry. Beycheyelle comes from Saint-Julien appellations. The wine should be consumed with fifteen years after being bottled.

D’Yquem 2009

This unique wine has hints of honey, apricot, sweet spiced pears and many other spices. The wine experts say that this wine will go perfectly with your Christmas dessert. The white wine originates from the famous Chateau d’Yquem Winery that is located in Graves, France. Its manufacturers have been working in the industry for more than four hundred years.

Montrose 1998

Getting yourself a bottle of this wine will ensure that you enjoy your December holiday. This wine also believed to be one of the best from St-Estephe region. The wine will suit any occasion. Montrose is made using merlot grapes, and it also contains plum, earthy and black cherry aromas.

Ducru Beaucaillou

This is one great option if you are planning to enjoy your holiday. According to the wine experts in the United Kingdom, the bottle that was manufactured in the year 2005 is now very mature and ready to be consumed. The wine has a full and aged flavor that will leave you contented. The wine has a dark purple color. The unique wine is considered to be one of the oldest in France.

Pichon Baron 1998

The Pichon Baron is believed to be at its peak maturity at the moment, and it can be enjoyed by people this season. The UK Vintners team of consultants say that the wine has hints of black currant, charcoal, and sweet toasty oak. The tasty wine is also believed to be very low in acid. The wine is medium sized wine comes from France too, and it’s said to have Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc.

UK Vintners has been in the wine making industry for a very long time, and this enables its experts to select wines and champagnes that are suitable for any occasions. The independent company works in close collaboration with other wine brokers, merchants, and wine traders in the UK.

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Magnises Card Provides Millennials with Everything they need

Two friends sat down to have their dinner at a trendy Italian restaurant known as Santina. However, they were surprised by the waiter who came and offered them a glass of bubbly champagne. A bottle of white and many other wines followed later on. When having the dinner, the friends released that they were getting special treatment and discounts compared to the other customers.

These special treats are compliments provided by Magnises, private members only club. The platform was created to connect Millennials who are twenty-one to thirty-five years old. The organization was started in March 2014, and it currently serves the young people in Washington DC and New York City. In the past, the club would throw extraordinary parties, speaker series, and networking events for the members at least three times in a week. The members would also get access to stunning places where they would play and work.

This year, Magnises has decided to come up with a concierge business to ensure that their customers do not experience dull days. According to the founder of Magnises, Billy McFarland, the group is regularly involved in helping clients out. Billy says that the place is not only suitable for work but parties too.

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The Magnises concierge application is used by the members to get recommendations to the activities they can do in a day. If you are planning to have a date with a client after work or maybe attend an arts event that is happening, the application will offer a lot of help. If you need a massage from the experts, you will only be able to access it through the newly introduced app.

When a member makes a request through the application, Magnises fulfills it, and at the end of the day, it also adds some touches to spice the experience. The members who wanted to check into a certain hotel might get an upgrade for free. A dinner date might turn out to be a backstage tour for the members to taste different dishes and also meet the chef. The members can also be serenaded by a famous brand when taking their meal.

Magnises members are also given special treatment when visiting places when they flash their stainless steel black card. The members love showing off this card, and it can be used at different restaurants to access surprise perks. The users can also choose to link the card with their existing debit or credit card. This way, they can be able to use it anywhere, regardless of the occasion. Source:

Becoming a Magnises member is not a difficult thing. According to the founder, the cost of membership only two hundred and fifty dollars every year. The main criteria used by the members to get in is promising that they will be involved in the community activities. According to a recent report, the club has more than seven thousand members already. Most of these members are from New York City and Washington DC. The private club will soon open its market to Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco.

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How SOLVY Is Now A Teacher’s Best Ally

Technology has just made another thing easier, math homework. The free online tool SOLVY will benefit both teachers and students. Students get personalized, targeted help. Instead of paper and pencil, students will be able to use their computers or mobile devices to finish their homework. Another benefit is that any student who may be having trouble can be helped without worry.

Teachers using this tool will be able to target problem areas for their students. After SOLVY assesses the progress of a student’s homework it alerts the teacher and shows them what type of math problems need more attention. The teacher can then pick math problems for each student according to SOLVY’s assessment. Once the student finishes their homework, their teacher can see where the errors are and begin to steer their student in the right direction.

According to, this wonderful innovation in technology is brought to us by Alexei Beltyukov. Russian philanthropist and entrepreneur, Alexei Beltyukov, is a big supporter of education. SOLVY is not his first contribution to education, nor will it be his last. He started a scholarship for students who get accepted to INSEAD, a graduate business school.

Alexei Beltyukov actually started out in the field of medicine, but eventually decided to get into business and is an Alumni of INSEAD himself. As an entrepreneur, Alexei Beltyukov has founded a few companies. One such company is A-Ventures Ltd., a company that helps other companies who are struggling financially. This is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to his accomplishments. SOLVY is only a recent venture and at the pace, Alexei Beltyukov is going, it will not be his last.

Gooee Lighting Helps Everyone Save Money

Gooee smart lighting is something that people are talking about. This has become one of the most fascinating companies because it provides a lot of people with the opportunity to save on their energy costs. The great thing about Gooee is that this company has managed to provide a lot of people with a better lighting system than anything that they may have had before.

A large number of people have been able to use Gooee lighting to make their homes safer. There are people that are able to turn on lights in the evening even if they are not at home. This will give the appearance that they are home. This is something that is very interesting for people that are may have to travel on a regular basis.

Smart lighting used to be a concept of the future, but people are recognizing that this is a concept that is here for right now. This is something that is present in the lives of a lot of homeowners that have converted from traditional jobs. The smart lighting industry is growing because people want to have more control over their finances. They want to have better budgets. The only way that they can do this is by keeping better control of the lights in their homes.

Gooee smart lighting is the company that is making this possible for businesses as well. There are going to be more people that are interested in this because it helps businesses cut operating costs.

Helane Morrison Contributions in the Finance Department

Helane Morrison is currently working as the managing director, chief compliance officer and general counsel at an organization known as Hall Capital Partners, found in San Francisco. Helane is known for her contributions in the world today. She has been very instrumental in making Hall Capital a very successful investment company in the United States. She started working for the firm in 2007.


Morison was working for the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco as the head before joining Hall Capital. At this position, Helane was in charge of security law enforcement, regulatory issues and fraud litigation in Northern California and several other states in Northwest.


Helane went for studies at the Northwestern University found in Chicago. She studied journalism and later went to the University of California where she studied law. After completing her education, she was appointed to work as the chief editor in California Law Review. She also worked for Richard Posen as a law clerk.


Helane Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners for several reasons. The company has a diverse leadership culture, especially in the finance department, and this attracted Helane. After the international financial crisis that took place in 2008, Helane realized that most of the investors in the country had not managed to gain their full confidence in most of the financial professionals in the country. Her main goal at her current position is to help restore the investors’ confidence. According to Helane Morrison, her current position is the only place where she can accomplish all her goals.


Helane is recognized all over the world because of her contributions to create a better and fair ethical business platform in the international community. She is known to be an indispensable fighter for all industrial injustices. For more than thirty years, she has worked hard to ensure that individuals who take advantage of investors are taken to jail.


The finance department is competitive, and it requires individuals with high levels of integrity. It is easy for individuals to get tempted and misuse the finances entrusted on them, especially if they are not paid well. These injustices are finally blamed on some innocent people. Helane Morrison is one of the individuals who want to ensure that the right people are blamed for their mistakes.


Corporate manipulation was clearly evident after the international financial crisis. Over nine years after the crisis, most of the nations have not been able to recover because of the injustices that took place. Most financial institutions had to run to the government for their survival.