OSI Group food processing company and CEO Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is a leading company in the food processing business in the world. The company was started in 1909 and has been crucial to the growth of the industry. The company has been around for over a hundred years and in this business. It has managed to grow into a multinational. When it was starting, it was a small butcher shop in Chicago. However, over the years, it has managed to develop into a leading company. It has outdone all other competitors in the industry and has managed to install itself as the undisputable leader of the industry. OSI Group has beaten the odds to emerge a global leader in a very highly competitive business in the world. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

OSI Group is a company that has been led by a dedicated team of managers who have been keen to see it become the greatest. It has been led by a Chief Executive Officer who is an investor. A CEO who has the passion for business and success. The CEO of this company is known as Sheldon Lavin. This is a company that has been dealing with the supply of meat and snacks all over the worlds. With over 65 locations in the world and other in form of partnerships, it is a company that has achieved more than was expected. Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin tenure as the CEO has been the most successful. He has managed to keep the company in the line of success. He has been very serious about the management of the company so that it accomplishes its goals. He has been keen to make the company a leading company in the industry. He has implemented measures that have seen them make expansion progress that is admirable. From a small butcher’s shop in Chicago to a leading global company is no small achievement. This is a company that has been around for more than a hundred years and looks determined to stay in this line of business operation for a longer time. It is clear that it is not going to exit the market anytime soon.

Sheldon Lavin has played a crucial role in the management of this company. He has been the driving force in the company. He has been the person who has managed to push it into all the countries that it is currently operating. Sheldon Lavin has been with this company for more than 4 decades. He currently has 100% voting rights in the company after the other partners exited the company. One retired while the other sold his shares. The other shareholders were sons of the founder of this company.


How To Buy Organo Gold Coffees And Teas

Organo Gold is a company in British Columbia, Canada, that sells premium coffees and teas. These products are organic and the ingredients they use are things such organic green tea, arabica coffee, grape seed oil, and organic Ganoderma Lucidum. Organo Gold says that its products boost health and wellness in a number of ways. They support the body’s immune system, increase the amount of antioxidants in the bloodstream, and fight back against free radicals. Watch this video on Youtube.

The products that Organo Gold sells can be purchased in two ways. First, they can be bought at the organogold.com website. Second, they are available through independent distributors working in nations around the world. One online review of their coffee stated that it was a good quality one that had a sufficient amount of caffeine in it. Another said that the coffee they bought from Organo Gold was both very flavorful and smooth in nature. Another said that they expected it to not taste good as it is an instant coffee but as it turned out they thought it tasted fine. Read the reviews at dietspotlight.com.

For those who are independent contractors of Organo Gold there is now a smartphone app available on the Google Play store. It allows them to see their personal profile, orders that are being processed, and commissions. It is an information source as it provides details about the entire lineup of Organo Gold products. Additionally, it serves as a source of news about the company and the health beverage industry in general.

According to myfitnesspal, there are only 10 calories in the regular version of Organo Gold coffee. Among other numbers it has no sodium, carbs, or sugar. The cafe latte they sell has 90 calories which is very good for a latte type drink. It contains just 25mg of sodium, 17 grams of carbs, and 13 grams of sugar.

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George Soros Using his Power and Influence to Rehabilitate Underprivileged Communities

George Soros is a man that you just cannot avoid coming across if you follow the legislative updates and happenings in the United States. He has been associated with the Democratic Party in the United States for extended and continues to support many democratic political candidates financially in their elections. As the lobby of George Soros in the political circle is healthy and his influence massive, the support of George Soros can make all the difference in the outcome of the political elections that he is involved in.

George Soros has considerable influence on the political happenings in the United States and has been a supporter of the Democratic Party for long. In the last Presidential Election that was won by Donald Trump, George Soros openly supported Hillary Clinton and funded her election campaign to the extent of over $30 million. As a man who is a liberal democrat, George Soros felt that the ideology and reforms that would be put into effect by Donald Trump’s administration would be against what he stands for. However, the defeat of Hillary Clinton couldn’t stop him from continuing his philanthropic efforts. To advance his charitable measures at a higher speed, George Soros recently funded his non-profit organization by the name of the Open Society Foundations with $18 billion. It made Open Society Foundation, one of the most prominent philanthropic organizations in the world. It has partners across the globe in its network that work towards helping people in need and supporting political candidates and parties that are working towards building a better tomorrow for the next generation, free of racism, inequality, and injustice.

George Soros feel that the political spectrum of the world is endangered today by the Capitalism that is growing at a massive pace. He thinks that the time is gone when Communism was something to be feared of as the Capitalism is the new threat to the open and liberal society that people want to live in. The voice of the people is seen suppressed by the administration and the people with influence in the political corridors are more in favor of the big organization and corporations rather than the familiar people. It is what he feels that may lead to doom that just might be irreversible. George Soros thinks that totalitarian ideology can lead to the end of the world, especially when the superpower countries have the means of unfathomable destruction, and what George Soros knows.

As a man who has closely witnessed the Nazis holocaust in Budapest and both the World Wars, George Soros know that politics has the power to reform for positive results and a better tomorrow as well as suppress the voice of everyday people. It is why he endeavors to work with various charitable organizations including his own to make sure that the people who are in need of help and support get the same. George Soros has for decades fought for democratic governance, freedom of expression, equality, marginalization, rights of refugees, immigrant rights, and more. He even funds the education of the children of the low-income communities.

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Highland Capital Co Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the best known executives in the finance and investment industries. He co founded the firm Highland Capital Management in the early 1990’s and has built it into one of the top financial firms in the industry. Dondero has been quite innovative in terms of building his firm. James has offered collateralized loan obligations as well as specializing in managing debt and credit backed securities. Before James was an entrepreneur, he spent a number of years working in the finance industry as a securities analyst and an investment officer. While James is among the most successful finance entrepreneurs around, he is also very much involved in his local community. He is one of the top philanthropists as he donates to causes such as healthcare, education and community development. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Over the years, James has accumulated a vast amount of experience in the financial sector. When he first began his career, James worked at a credit securities analyst where he would evaluate debt backed securities. This gave him valuable experience that would help him advance his career. Within several years, James would begin to more up to more advanced positions which culminated when he became the chief investment officer. At this position, James would manage billions of dollars worth of funds for large major corporations such as American Express. By the year 1990, James would start up his own life insurance company and develop it into a large scale investment management firm. Follow James on Linkedin.

Philanthropy is one of the main things that James is well known for. He has spent a lot of his time looking to make a positive impact on his community. On a regular basis, James attends various functions and looks to raise money for various causes. James has donated to a number of important causes such as education where he provides funds for business schools and scholarships. James Dondero also donates to healthcare organizations so that they can improve their quality of assistance to individuals. He also donates to programs that help people recover from family violence and receive support in the process. His charitable contributions have enabled James to establish himself as one of the more compassionate business leaders in America.

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Bishop Williams Amazing Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is an amazing place to worship God. The church welcomes all members to come as they are. Mighty Fortress Church is very diverse. The church welcomes all genders, races, and age groups to come worship God in a peaceful place. All teachings that are taught to the members of Mighty Fortress Church are taught strictly through the word of God. The bishop of the church does not make up false information, he only preaches from the heart and from the book of God. Many people enjoy coming to Mighty Fortress Church because they enjoy getting in touch with their spirituality on a deeper level. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the senior pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. He has been a servant of God for many decades and he really enjoys what he does. Bishop Williams has learned to preach the word of God through experience and through education as well. He has received several degrees, including a Masters degree and a honorary doctoral degree as well.

Bishop Thomas Williams is a beloved pastor and a family man as well. He has been married for several years throughout his life to lovely Sabrina Williams. In addition to being married to a lovely woman, he also has had the pleasure of having three amazing kids by his wife.

Visit: http://mightyfortresschurch.org/

Bishop Thomas Williams has created an amazing church which has many different support groups and out reach programs for the community. Bishop Williams is always looking to serve God and the people around him as well. Bishop Williams has a powerful way of preaching in which he gives instructions to his members by using God’s voice.

Bishop Williams also has a way of praying and speaking directly to God to order steps in blessings in his word. There are several motivational videos of Bishop Williams speaking to God and preaching to his church members in an inspiring way. Bishop Williams is an amazing man of God. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Rodrigo Terpins- king of the Road

Rodrigo Terpins is a respected rally driver in the Brazilian roads.He is a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. He is the brother of another rally driver, Michael Terpins. Rodrigo Terpins was powerful from the match and won a few rally championships in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins generally competes in the category of T1 prototypes. Rodrigo came in 7th in the past issue of this Rally Sertoes. Rodrigo comes in a family of rally drivers. His brother can also be a rally driver. It’s believed that Rodrigo Terpins includes a great deal in common with his dad in terms of sport. His father wasn’t only an athlete but also a businessman. Rodrigo seems to follow suit, because though he’s a rally enthusiast, he is also a businessman. His dad Jack Terpins, commonly called Jackao, was a passionate basketball player in his teens. It had been from the 60s and 70s and I played with for the Hebraica Club. Today, Jack Terpins, who’s also the father of Michal Terpins, is an accomplished real estate investment entrepreneur. As a young player, he took care of the difficulties of his coworkers and publicly defended the problems they experienced. His love of the harbors also watched him as the head of this institution he seen at the time.

The dad of Rodrigo Terpins was likewise appointed in 1991 by the President as the sports director. He also had other responsibilities, including that of the president of the Latin American Jewish Council, president of the Latin American Confederation Maccabi. It’s therefore apparent that by looking at the lifestyles of the children, they’re certainly following in their footsteps. As dedicated athletes, Rodrigo Terpins and Michael Terpins are enthusiastic, dedicated and fully committed to their tasks. The Terpins family symbolizes his contribution to the game and leadership of his dad. It’s surely an outstanding reference in the Jewish world. And Hebrew in general. At the Rallye Sertoes Rodrigo Terpins and other rallies, the riders drove 2,600 kilometers in 7 stages, up to two states. It was the biggest competition of off-road rallies in the nation. Due to the challenging terrain, not many riders were able to complete. Rodrigo Terpins was one of those that finished. You can follow him on Twitter

Neurocore Explains The Various Forms of Depression

An untold number of Americans suffer from depression each year. Millions of Americans suffer from major depression, but most of them do not seek treatment. The reason for this is the stigma surrounding depression. Here are some things that will change the way you look at depression.

First of all, depression does not have to come about because something happened in someone’s life. Depression often comes without any reason. That being said, depression is indeed more likely to occur if a stressful event occurred in someone’s life that gave them a lot of stress and heartbreak, including problems with their financial situation and marriage. Genetics can also play a role in depression. People who have had members in their family who are prone to depression may be more likely to be depressed themselves. Read more about Neurocore at muscletech.com.

Major Depressive Disorder is when someone is depressed for at least two weeks with major symptoms, including extreme sadness and loneliness. Persistent Depressive Disorder is when someone is depressed every day for two years or longer, but the symptoms of Persistent Depressive Disorder do not reach the level of Major Depressive Disorder. Postpartum depression occurs after childbirth and lasts for a few weeks to a year. Seasonal depression occurs when people stay inside and when it gets cold and dark early.

People with depression may end up sleeping less or sleeping a lot more than they usually do. The same goes for eating. This means they can lose weight or gain a lot of weight. People with depression are also usually persistently sad and have a lack of motivation to do anything. Symptoms vary from person to person and may not appear at all, such as is the case with high-functioning depression.

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Neurocore, in its brain performance centers, offers a unique treatment for depression. Through neurofeedback technology, they can detect what is going on inside someone’s brain.

The experts at Neurocore then develop a customized plan to treat the problems in the brain. This method can be used to treat depression and other forms of mental illness. Follow Neurocore on twitter.com.

Greg Secker’s Forex Trading Success Story


Greg began his career in Thomas Cook services. Later he moved to start a brand new business in foreign exchange business entitled the Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). VTD was the first platform online that traded real-time Forex. The platform allowed customers to receive immediate quotes for large foreign exchange trades. His career progressed very first, and he later became the Mellon Financial Corporation Vice President. Using the trading strategies he learned in his travels in the international trading process, his trading account increased to a point where he decided to set it in his home and leave Mellon.


Greg Secker got bored trading and sitting on his own at home. He decided to go out and attend many seminars. Greg saw the success of the likes of Jack Canfield, Dr. John Demartini, and Tony Robbins, he felt that he could do that from a viewpoint of Foreign Exchange. He decided to give people a chance to make money. He started motivational speaking in 2003, and so far he has spoken more than 6,000 times on different stages. He has shared his passion in different stages such as Success Summit Congress, National Achievers Congress, and wealth expos all through the Pacific and the United States.


His unique mission of the foundation is to empower the young individuals early enough with life skills so they can shape their lives before they reach 35 years. In 2011 Greg established The Greg Secker Foundation. This is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve the experience of people in many parts of the world positively. In partnership with the youth program, the foundation enhances the life, education and leadership skills in the communities. In 2013, Greg visited the Philippines and started construction of typhoon-proof houses building them with carbon neutral and donating them for free. He also supported them with farms so that they can feed their families.


Once they are stable, he empowers them and gives them the capability to sell their harvest. He also gives them a better access to education and teaches them new skills to build a sustainable strategy they can follow in future. In 2017 Greg was included in the list of 200 social Entrepreneurs and the most influential Philanthropists.


New Personalized Merchandising Techniques Powered by AI Give Smaller Companies a Fighting Chance Against Amazon

Online retail sales have steadily increased over the years, and they are projected to make up 12.9% of retail sales in 2017.

Nearly half of those sales will come from Amazon. Pushing smaller companies to use personalized merchandising methods powered by AI technologies to create unique shopping experiences for customers to compete.

Over the next few years, innovations powered by AI will fundamentally change e-commerce in three ways according to Itai Elizur :

 Increasing Sales Processes Efficiency

Due to the rise of social media techniques have become increasingly sophisticated over the last few years.

Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram profoundly influence people’s behavior, and retailers are taking advantage of these channels to reach their potential customers.

New tools are popping up like Yotpo, a popular tool for digital brands, making it possible to collect, curate, and manage many different forms of user-generated data. Analyzing the vast stores of user-generated data on social media can increase sales and provide customers with organic ways of discovering products.

Innovative companies are also using personalized merchandising powered by AI to streamline their customer experience.

For example, The North Face, an activewear brand, uses voice input technology to customize their customer’s experience by asking them for information. Users can tell them how, when, and where they will use the item they are looking for. Thus allowing North Face to use this information to suggest more relevant products to their customers. Visit fundacity.com to know more about Sentient.

 Inventing New Ways to Search

Currently, the vast majority of people search the web using text-based searches, but new search methods are becoming popular based on new AI technologies.

For example, visual searches that evaluate an image given by the customer and then use that image to find similar products are catching on.

Furthermore, according to ComScore 50 percent of all web searches will be voice-activated by 2020. Voice-activated searches have gained popularity through AI companions such as Siri and Alexa. These searches have revolutionized e-commerce forcing retailers to restructure their sites to accommodate them.

 Taking Personalization to New Heights

Recently, retailers have begun to take advantage of the vast amounts of data available about customer patterns such as purchase habits, likes and dislikes, and other behavioral metrics.

By analyzing this data using intelligent algorithms, they have been able to gain new insights leading them to create better customer services.

The technology provides a way for brands to give customers exponentially more personalized shopping experiences.

New personalized merchandising techniques made possible by AI will level the playing field between large corporations and smaller companies in the future.

Paul Mampilly Helping Investors through Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly has been of great help to many investors thanks to Profits Unlimited, which he started after quitting his 25-year Wall Street career in 2016. He retired at the age of 42 so that he could help other people who are aspiring to make it big in the investment industry. Profits Unlimited provides the average American with investment advice. It already has more than 60,000 subscribers just about one year down the line, and the number keeps growing by the day. This is because Paul provides great investment advice, showing his readers exactly what stocks to invest in.

Paul’s predictions are usually accurate, and so his readers have benefited a lot from his advice. This is what keeps them coming back for more. The newsletter is updated weekly, giving readers updates of how various stocks are faring in the market. His readers have a lot of positive things to say about the newsletter. Almost all the stocks highlighted in newsletter have made significant gains.

Before starting Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly had several years managing hedge funds and making investment decisions. He worked with a number of financial institutions including the Royal Bank of Scotland, ING and the Deutsche Bank.Some of his biggest investments include Netflix and Sarepta, a startup in the pharmaceutical industry. He made more than 20 times his initial investment when he sold off his shares in Sarepta.

Paul is known for his ability to make accurate predictions of the performance of various investments. He manages to do this by always staying up to date with what is going on in different industries. He does a lot of research on the different investment markets so that he can provide readers with topnotch advice. This is why Profits Unlimited has been such a huge success.


The stock market is not everyone’s cup of tea, and there are very many people out there who claim to be able to give good investment advice but they are only out to dupe unsuspecting investors. Paul Mampilly has come to the rescue of investors with Profits Unlimited. And the best part of it all is that investors receive good investment advice without having to break the bank.

About Paul Mampilly: sovereignsociety.com/meet-the-experts/paul-mampilly/