Dick DeVos, Husband, Father, Businessman and Generous Philanthropist

I sat down and began reading the InsidePhilanthropy.com article School Of Choice, But Much More: Making Sense of DeVos Family Philanthropy I was familiar with the DeVos family only to the extent that Richard Sr was the co-founder of Amway. Mr. DeVos and his wife Helen began a tradition of philanthropy, creating the Richard and Helen DeVos foundation, while also giving generously to education reform and political causes.

Reading further into the article, I discovered Richard “Dick” DeVos Jr learned much from his father. Dick and his wife Betsy also formed their own philanthropic foundation, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which, according to the article, was created to “‘serve as faithful stewards’ of greater society through ‘projects that build a strong community.'” The foundation has awarded grants to such groups as a Michigan Christian organization that runs both a faith based elementary school and high school. ArtPrize is an art competition in Grand Rapids, supported by the DeVos Family Foundation, and Mr. DeVos undertook a unique venture in opening the nation’s first aviation public charter high school. 

Moving on to Mr. Devoses’ Wikipedia Page, I quickly realized philanthropy was only a portion of the things he has accomplished in his life. He began his career with Amway in 1974, though he shares fond memories of having helped with Amway events even as a child. In 1993, Dick DeVos took over as President of Amway, soon after restructuring it to become Alticor, the new parent company of Amway and other subsidiaries. After he retired from Alticor in 2002, DeVos became president of the Windquest Group, an investment management firm with holdings in several sectors including technology, manufacturing and a venture in alternative energy. Mr DeVos also found time to pen a book, Believe!, in the midst of his other demanding work.

With all Dick DeVos’ accomplishments, in business, charity, and influencing politics, I wondered if he could have time for a private life. The answer is yes, indeed he can. DeVos and his wife have 4 children, Richard Marvin (Rick) III, Elisabeth (Elissa), Andrea, and Ryan, and are the proud grandparents to two granddaughters. DeVos and his wife own homes in Michigan and in Florida, residing between the two states. A final interesting fact, he is a competitive sailor as well as an avid aviator. Mr DeVos is truly a man of many accomplishments.

Managing Your Online Reputation with Wikipedia

“Donald Drumpf” became an overnight phenomenon after John Oliver featured the real background behind the family name of the presidential candidate Donald Trump. As detailed in an article for US Magazine, the next day, Donald Drumpf had a complete wikipedia page filled with details about the Drumpf family history and the background on how Donald Trump became the sensationalized presence that we know him as today. While John Oliver may have sparked the idea on his show, the Drumpf Wikipedia page certainly cemented the universal joke about the real Trump family name. 

There are many lessons to be learned from this comedic spectacle. One of the most important of which is the power of a Wikipedia page to bolster a persona or company and bring international attention to a subject. Certainly, the writers of the Drumpf family Wikipedia page were not just novice jokers. Rather, there is a real niche for professional writers in creating a Wikipedia page. Enter,the knowledgeable, professional Wiki experts for hire at Get Your Wiki. 

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By hiring Wiki writers, like those from the Wikipedia editing service Get Your Wiki, you can avoid the pitfalls of Wikipedia business page creation for your personal brand or business. You will also ensure that the content created is actually usable on Wikipedia and will eventually lead to more traffic to your business. The effort of web content writing can be a time consuming exercise, and it is especially frustrating if you cannot see the fruits of your labor. Save time and headaches by enlisting the professionals to get the job done.

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Jon Urbana – A Multi-Talented Man With Vision

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur with quite a background. He has done amazing things, and here are just some of them:

Urbana’s Charity Work

Jon’s charity work is notable. He is into the environment and wants to keep it clean. He has made Earth Force, which is a Go Fund Me campaign. In this type of charity work, he likes to get the younger generation involved in helping with the environment.

Jon Urbana’s Lacrosse Camp

Jon Urbana runs a lacrosse camp for children. His love for the sport prompted him to launch this camp where he teaches and coaches the younger generation.

Flying Career

Jon’s flying career is impressive. He has been recognized as part of the FAA Airmen Certification Database by the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration. Jon Urbana sets a good example for other pilots because of his great attention to detail when he is taking off, flying and landing.

Urbana’s Photography

Landscapes, animals and more are the types of photographs that Jon likes to take. His videos are clear, with good color. He likes to tell a story with the pieces in his pictures as a true artist does.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Making it a point to follow Jon Urbana and his latest accomplishments is a good idea. He’s on Twitter (@jonurbana1), on Facebook (and also has an official fan page), and on Tumblr. He is always finding new and more things to get involved in, and he is always improving on what he has already accomplished. He believes in giving back to the world, and all his successes with the Villanova Wildcats have made it easy for him to teach and coach a variety of other people as they are going about their experiences and adventures in the world today. He wants them to strive to be more than ordinary too, and in all cases, it seems to be working out very nicely.

Coriant Appoints Technology Expert Shaygan Kheradpir

A few months ago, Coriant announced its new CEO and Chairperson of the Board, Shaygan Kheradpir. He was appointed to this position after working closely with executive team since the beginning of 2015. Shaygan was working at Marlin Equity Partners serving the role of Operating Partner. He is mandated to drive the company’s growth strategy as well as strengthening service delivery to its clients. Shaygan succeeded the former President Pat DiPietro, who will become the Vice Chairman of the company. Additionally, DiPietro will assume his earlier role of Operating Partner at Marlin.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a proven expert in the technology industry, with extensive experience in business and executive. His expertise and leadership skills will be critical for Coriant as demand for technological services has created new market opportunities. According to Shaygan, he was attracted to Coriant because of its extensive portfolio of solutions in data networking, global reach, leading innovations in technology and the growing client base of tier one network operators.

The outgoing President of Coriant, Mr. DiPietro, said it is a great honor to work with Shaygan because he is recognized across the industry for his caliber. Shaygan’s strategic analysis and his ability to execute of ideas are going to drive Coriant’s growth to the next level.

About Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan is a business executive and a technological specialist who has worked in this industry for more than 28 years. He has worked in various sectors like telecom, financial and technology. He started working at GTE Corporation, but was eventually appointed CIO at Verizon after GTE and Bell Atlantic merged. He was one of the executives at Verizon, where he innovated and developed many products like FiOS, a leading infrastructure program in the United State.

Shaygan’s next appointment was at Barclays, where he was responsible of developing TRANSFORM program, which was supposed to equip the bank in preparation of the 21st century. This program was implemented in 50 countries, and 150,000 staffs. After he left Barclays, he joined Juniper Networks as the Chief Executive Officer, where he created a strategic plan for the expansion and growth of its market. Info on http://www.fiercetelecom.com/press-releases/veteran-executive-shaygan-kheradpir-brings-deep-industry-experience-and-exp.

Shaygan Kheradpir: Coriant’s New C.E.O.

Coriant, which is an innovative networking solutions supplier with a proven record of supplying network operators that are the leading in countries that are over 100, has appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as its C.E.O. and Chairman of the Board. He had previously worked with the company’s senior management from early this year. He had been an Operating Partner at the Marlin Equity Partners. He is expected to leverage his involvement with the company’s operations and strategic planning. He assumes his new position with an aim of driving the company’s growth strategy as well as strengthen its focus on the solutions that do matter most to Coriant’s customers in the present competitive and highly dynamic end-user markets. He is to succeed Pat DiPietro, President and CEO, who is expected to transition to the post of the Vice Chairman and Operating Partner at Marlin.

Shaygan Kheradpir

He is a leader with a proven record as well as an extensive business, operational and industry experience. His expertise and leadership will play an important role for Coriant as the demand for the end-user applications that are data-intensive which are driving the expanding market opportunities. This includes the 100G to the multi-terabit coherent metro as well as long haul transport deployments, cloud infrastructure build-outs, hyper-scale data center and mobile backhaul upgrades with the evolvement to 4G and 5G. Shaygan is a technology and business leader, who is recognized with an executive experience that runs for 28 years in the industries of technology, financial and telecom.

He started off his career with a stint at GTE Corporation, he was later appointed as Verizon’s EVP, member of the executive leadership team dealing with system modernizations, innovation,efficiency and pioneer product initiatives. This included FiOS which forms an infrastructure program in the U.S. that is one of the largest infrastructure programs with over $20 billion capital investment. He then joined Barclays as a Chief Operations and Technology Officer as well as served as a bank executive Committee member. During his time at Barclays he was in a leadership position when the company initiated the TRANSFORM program. After this role he was appointed CEO, Jupiter Networks where he was involved in developing an Integrated Operating Plan for it and executed strategic growth markets for High IQ Networking and Cloud Builder. He holds a Ph.D., Masters and a bachelor in Engineering, Cornell University. Learn more about this appointment here.