Malcolm CasSelle Launches New Company Called Worldwide Asset Exchange

Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who has managed to create quite an impact in the digital technology industry over the last several years. He was originally educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attended his undergraduate education and majored in computer science. He was able to graduate from the University and obtain his bachelor’s degree in computer science. He later went to Stanford University and was able to attend graduate classes in computer science. Stanford University awarded Malcolm CasSelle his Masters degree in computer science after he completed the curriculum necessary.

He was able to enter the digital technology industry ready to create change by the time he had completed his formal education. Malcolm CasSelle has operated in several key leadership roles that have been present in several digital technology companies during their startup phases. Many of these companies have gone on to be incredibly successful and have attributed to some degree of their success to help that Malcolm CasSelle has provided during his time with them. In addition to his success as an executive leader in the startup phases of several digital technology companies, he has also proven himself as a competent investor and venture capitalist. He was able to have the foresight to invest during the early stages of notable companies such as Facebook and Zynga which were able to provide him with significant returns on his investments.

Now Malcolm CasSelle has launched a new company which he has named worldwide asset exchange. Worldwide asset exchange is a company that will operate as a decentralized marketplace for the exchange of value between individuals who are playing online video games. This marketplace is powered by the same technology behind popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. Malcolm CasSelle believes that using the decentralized technology of the blockchain will allow users of online video games to conduct business in a manner that is much more user-friendly than in the past. They will be able to conduct business using a common store of value. This will eliminate the need for Forex markets for users who do not use the same date of currency. In addition, the prevalence of fraud should be significantly reduced on these markets.