Jason Hope Explains The Internet Of Things In His New Book

Jason Hope has been in the technology industry for several years. He worked in mobile technology, specifically, when it was in its infancy and created a very popular app. He now invests in startups in the industry. He also writes extensively about the industry with his articles appearing in several publications.

Towards the end of 2017, Jason Hope wrote a book that he self-published on Amazon. It is called “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide For Thriving in the IoT Era”. It is available for $2.99 on Kindle devices and it is free for those who are Kindle Unlimited members.

In this book he explains exactly what the Internet of Things is and why it’s going to change many things. He also explores the regulation of IoT and how these will be enforced. He delves into what it takes to use IoT devices responsibly and what the steps are for people to protect themselves from cybersecurity breaches and other problems.

The Internet of Things is already starting to develop. It incorporates many different types of devices being able to communicate with one another and the user regardless of where they are. People are already using IoT devices to control the temperature of their homes and how bright their lights are, for example. The upcoming driverless cars are also IoT devices as are the smart sensors that are now being built into roads in order to control traffic. Everything in life will be touched by IoT devices, he says.

IoT devices are also starting to disrupt entire industries Jason Hope says. This includes healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing, assistant living, and more. He says that these devices greatly increase productivity through automation. Companies that embrace IoT devices will flourish while those who resist will be left behind and will eventually go out of business.

Jason Hope has both a bachelor’s and MBA that he earned at Arizona State University. He now lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He says that once he earned his MBA he figured that he had to do something business related with it. He decided that he would enter the mobile communication industry because he could see how this technology would greatly benefit people. He says the industry still has a lot of room to grow and make improvements. He now has a portfolio of companies in the industry that he has made investments in.

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