Investment Expert Paul Mampilly Relates A Tale About Sharks That Ties Into Investing

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This newsletter is edited by Paul Mampilly. He was on Wall Street for many years before making his exit from that relentless world. While on Wall Street he went from being an analyst to being a top hedge fund manager for companies like Kinetics Asset Management which is a privately held company. Once he left New York City, in late 2011, he started writing investment articles that were designed to help regular investors manage their investments and make a great deal of money.

Paul Mampilly wrote an article not too long ago about what it is like being a smaller investor. He related the story of when he joined a diving expedition to see sharks up close. Before he jumped off the boat the captain had cautioned that everyone needed to keep their hands behind their backs lest the sharks bite their arms clean off. He and some other divers made a circle down in the sand while a diver in a cage threw out chum to attract sharks. That diver was wearing chainmail just in case. Read this article at

The sharks arrived and went crazy eating the chum, some of which the chainmail wearing guy fed using his hand. Paul Mampilly said they could feel the sharks going right past them in order to feast on the chum.

So what was the point of this story Paul Mampilly related? That people who don’t know any better, which at the time he did this stunt he didn’t appreciate the danger, so he dove in head first. He relates this to how many people own the stocks of companies and they have zero idea of how much danger they and their investments are in. They think they’re safe but the companies they have money in are anything but that.

Paul Mampilly says that too many people have their money in old companies using old technology. New companies have been and will continue to eat their lunch. There are many S&P 500 companies, he says, which simply won’t be around in a number of years because they aren’t nimble enough to take advantage of new opportunities.