Managing Your Online Reputation with Wikipedia

“Donald Drumpf” became an overnight phenomenon after John Oliver featured the real background behind the family name of the presidential candidate Donald Trump. As detailed in an article for US Magazine, the next day, Donald Drumpf had a complete wikipedia page filled with details about the Drumpf family history and the background on how Donald Trump became the sensationalized presence that we know him as today. While John Oliver may have sparked the idea on his show, the Drumpf Wikipedia page certainly cemented the universal joke about the real Trump family name. 

There are many lessons to be learned from this comedic spectacle. One of the most important of which is the power of a Wikipedia page to bolster a persona or company and bring international attention to a subject. Certainly, the writers of the Drumpf family Wikipedia page were not just novice jokers. Rather, there is a real niche for professional writers in creating a Wikipedia page. Enter,the knowledgeable, professional Wiki experts for hire at Get Your Wiki. 

Creating effective Wikipedia pages is not as simple as you may think. Wikipedia is an often overlooked, effective way to market your business or personal brand. Rather than appearing as an ad or solicitation, Wikipedia articles have an air credibility for readers and universal legitimacy. Before you simply log on and create a Wikipedia page to start advertising your business, you should be aware of the ground rules. While Wikipedia is an open content site, it frowns upon businesses using the site solely as a means of self promotion, so it can and will block certain content that it sees as purely for advertisement purposes. You will also be required to substantiate the statements in your article with links to authoritative sources. This can be an grueling and even impossible task if you are not experienced in content writing and do not already have an extensive web presence established.

By hiring Wiki writers, like those from the Wikipedia editing service Get Your Wiki, you can avoid the pitfalls of Wikipedia business page creation for your personal brand or business. You will also ensure that the content created is actually usable on Wikipedia and will eventually lead to more traffic to your business. The effort of web content writing can be a time consuming exercise, and it is especially frustrating if you cannot see the fruits of your labor. Save time and headaches by enlisting the professionals to get the job done.

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