Nothing From Nothing Leaves Eric Lefkofsky

Well, no one seems to have a clue as to how Eric Lefkofsky managed to climb atop 2,300,000,000USD, or even whether he actually has, but one would expect that it’s had nothing to do with Elizabeth’s push for abortion rights. And while the Wizard of Oz remains a favorite play of hidden life lessons, we’ve never imagined glimpsing him, even virtually, beyond that immediate era. Yet, here he is, in the flesh. Reincarnated in the person of Eric Lefkofsky (and friends?)! From here on, we’ll refer to him as E.L. for short. No offense to The Almighty.

Over the past 18 years or so, E.L. has managed to win over the confidences of friends, then family, fellow alums, neighbors and, ultimately, thousands or millions of online shoppers and marketers. He and some college, then law school buddies have purchased or created companies, gained investors, and then employed a rinse-repeat cycle. It appears that his genius rests in selecting incomparable endeavors, numbers manipulation and SEO mastery. You cannot complete typical analysis sentences like: gained _____% of market share. What market? Who’s the market? Select any of the companies he’s started or led and try to complete that sentence! The same conclusion stares at us regarding E.L.’s latest achievement: Tempus.

With a name that sounds like it was a last ditch effort to begin a 2016 virtual assistant hire platform, its reported aim is to gather spurious cancer research and treatment data into a single source for better access, analysis, understanding, development and treatment application. However, part of the duties sought after to accomplish these aims include: “collect, cleanse, and analyze data.” The keyword here will likely pivot around ‘cleanse’ as opposed to ‘analyze’ or even ‘collect.’ Because if you can contain, and offer as product, a data-byte that’s been freed of identifying source information,… Well, you don’t even have to finish the sentence. Pixie dust is weightier. Along those lines, if the research is particular to the DNA of individuals, does that not make it inapplicable to others? The answer to that question is beyond the scope of this paper. That being said, Hole’s Pretty on the Inside tune, ‘Starbelly’ ( has always seemed to maintain a dedicated following.

E.L. is amounting to a wizard who masterfully crafts business place facades. And, likely, those who know have simply said: make it convincing, i.e. keep us behind the green curtain(and in the black). It doesn’t appear that anyone’s been harmed, yet.

E.L. is from the Detroit, Michigan area and currently resides in the Chicago, Illinois area with his wife, Elizabeth, and three children; as far as we can tell. He attended undergraduate and law school in Michigan and started his entrepreneurial quests while pursuing his higher education. 1993, Brandon Apparel. 1999, Starbelly. 2001, InnerWorkings. 2005, Echo Global Logistics. 2006, MediaBank. 2007,, which would later morph into GroupOn in 2008. And 2010, LightBank. It would be an American pride and joy to shout that E.L. is a magnificent producer. But reason would have one conclude that 6,000,000,000.00USD worth of lights shining on GroupOn would’ve been too bright.

E.L. is also known locally for his philanthropic contributions to education, art and childcare. Having opened their Family Charitable Foundation in 2006, E.L. and his wife recently made headline news when they joined the Gates’/Buffet’s The Giving Pledge in 2013. It’s a promise to give the world half of your earnings through nonprofit charity. Keep in mind, however, that fifty percent of nothing leaves…impenetrable bars?

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