Marc Sparks: Leading Texan Entrepreneur

Some people are destined to own their own businesses. As much as everyone would love to be their boss, not everyone has what it takes. Most people fail because they want to be successful overnight on their first try. As every entrepreneur knows, there will be more failures than successes.

Marc Sparks is someone who knows this all too well. He’s the perfect example of what an entrepreneur is. Of him many startups, there have been plenty of failures. Marc Sparks, himself, refers to these failures as “downright disastrous.” But with every failure, there have also been some outrageously successful ventures.

Although most people would credit their success to pure hard work and dedication, Marc contributes a lot of his success to his faith. Marc’s faith plays a large part of how he operates on a day-to-day basis. He doesn’t see challenges as just something to overcome to get to the other side. He sees every devastating circumstance as a lesson in humility.

Marc has a way of seeing the world like no one else. He sees no other way that a C+ student, like himself, could ever become as successful as he has. He seems to genuinely be amazed at how lucky he is to be gifted with such talent.

He came from a humble background and has built and sold several companies for millions of dollars. He also admits that he has no formal training of any kind, and yet, he seems to have been born with a keen instinct.

Mar Sparks has so much experience to share; he decided to write a book. For him, the book was very difficult to write. He shares a lot of personal experiences, some of which have nothing to do with any of his startups.

He wants readers to hear about his many failures. He feels that readers can learn more from his mistakes rather than his successes. It’s always easy to talk about the good times doing life. Marc wanted his book to focus on the bad times and how he overcame them.

Marc is also very passionate about helping the less fortunate. He often supports the local homeless shelter near his home, The Samaritan Inn. He’s been a big contributor to the project for decades. The Samaritan Inn focuses on helping those who wish to help themselves. It does give away.