How Cotemar Has Successfully Diversified Its Portfolio

Mexican conglomerate, Cotemar is a renowned name in the corporate world. The company has diverse investments in offshore construction, shipping, petroleum, and the hospitality industries. The company has been dedicated to providing its clients cutting edge services for close to four decades. Besides individual clients, the corporation also serves public and private companies. This is what has enabled it gain a stranglehold of the industry in the face of stiff competition from its business rivals.


Services Provided by Cotemar


The company prides itself in providing exceptional services to the marine, building and construction, and hospitality industries. It serves the building and construction industry by using innovation to streamline operations in processing centers. Cotemar does this through the provision of offshore installations and by opening up marine gear lines.


Cotemar also provides unmatchable marine support services to its clients by using highly-specialized and technologically advanced fire boats, barges, personal carriers, and towing vessels. To guarantee the safety of its operations, Cotemar’s engineers undertake regular checks and maintenance practices in order to ensure that the vessels meet maritime safety standards.


Company Mission, Vision, and Values


Cotemar’s success story is attributed to the company’s strict adherence to ethical business practices. This is guided by its vision, mission, and corporate values. The company’s services are executed by dedicated and experienced employees, who share its vision, which is to provide value-addition services that are based on operational processes.


Cotemar has also formulated a sustainable development policy, which ensures that its expansion strategies are guided by ethical practices. This has enabled it to identify business opportunities within the marine industry and beyond. Innovation and communication are similarly encouraged. This has promoted effective services delivery and the fulfillment of clients mandates within the specified timeframes.


The reviews of its past clients attest to Cotemar’s consistency and adherence to its corporate principles. Since its establishment, the company has been taking clients’ assignments as its obligation. Each individual mandate is assigned to experts, something that guarantees optimal success. Simplicity and flexibility has also given Cotemar the ability to scale its business setup.


Sustainability Obligations


The company’s processes are constantly geared towards ensuring that global hydrocarbon levels are reduced. It is for this reason that it has set up a program to ensure that the environment and local communities are considered in all its expeditions. Compliance to international legal and ecological guidelines is encouraged. Besides this, it has a strict code of conduct, which ensures that all employees abide by the laid-down environmental sustainability laws.

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