Clay Hutson’ Sought After Producer

Biographical Sketch

Clay Hutson is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. He’s always had his heart set on music as a career, since the earliest days he can remember. After finishing his regular studies and graduating high school he attended Central Michigan University, where he earned a Bachelors of Arts in theater design. He attended the Stephen M. Ross School of Business and received a master’s in Business administration.


Rock n’ Roll and Billy Graham

His first few years out of college he traveled with the Billy Graham team across Europe as well as picking up some jobs as sound engineer here and there. He always kept his love for Rock n’ Roll close to his goals, but after several years of gaining experience as a tour manager, sound engineer and stage management he accumulated enough experience to stand out on his own. At one point during the recession he was having trouble with a contractor he was working with and when the whole thing turned sour he decided that it was a perfect time to start his own business. He’s been happy with the opportunities that followed ever since.


Testimonials and Recommendations

Clay soon started to receive testimonials and references from his clients and work started to pour into his office. Clay Hutson says that at this point in his career he was striving to do impeccable work and he worked hard to give his clients something to always be happy with and kept them coming back for more of the same kind of service. This kind of thinking costs Clay Hutson putting in long hours, from 6:30am until sometimes way after sunset. Hutson started to realize how the news gets around in this industry when people are pleased with your work. Your name comes up often and you are never without work.


Touring with Today’s Artists

Though the days of dedicaated planning and working hard to keep his team in check at all times requires lots of littel sacrifices Clay Hutson has recieved the greatest reward from the artist he’s had the opportunity to work: Kid Rock, One Republic, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Halsey, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and others. There is no joy like knowing you’ve pleased your clients and given the fans of the artist the greatest and most beautiful experience ofhteir lives and something they can carry with them a long time. Clay Hutson enjoys being with his family as well as woodworking and other arts and crafts. Learn more: