James River Capital’s principal, Paul Saunders offers insight on burnout at the workplace

Burnout among employees, especially in the Western world has become quite a pervasive issue. Several culprits result to burn out such as a stressful job and issues from one’s personal life. As the employer, taking action as soon as you notice the signs of burnout in an employee will help reverse the situation. Paul Saunders, founder, and also one of the principals of the famed James River Capital recently offered insight on the issue of burnout, by rolling out some of the causes and how an employer should tackle them.


Causes of burnout according to Paul Saunders


Loss of control


When a staff member starts losing control over the little things at work such as being unable to work on the set schedule, they will quickly fall into hopelessness, and will start feeling powerless. This eventually leads to a significant burnout.


To prevent this from happening, an employer should set flexible structures and policies which will suit each employee’s life. They should also encourage them to take about 15 minutes every day, and write down the goals they’d like to accomplish within the next few hours that they will be at work, so they can regain control of their work routine. Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


Lack of transparency


Another common cause of burnout among employees is the lack of transparency. To avoid burnouts cropping from the lack of transparency, Paul Saunders urges employers or managers always to maintain clarity between them and their juniors. They can do so by letting them know about significant decisions, and explaining the reasons behind such decisions. For instance, explain why a particular employee is getting promoted.


Attitude changes


Attitude change is also a culprit in burnouts. For instance, when a staff member is undergoing stress from their personal life, they will quickly start perceiving work from a negative perspective, and will lack the motivation to carry out their responsibilities. As the boss, you’re advised to offer a shoulder for them to lean on. For instance, encourage them to take up a new hobby that will help cheer them up.


Lack of confidence


During a burnout, a staff member will easily doubt their abilities. For instance, they will start feeling as if they cannot serve a role that they previously served well. To reverse the situation, Paul encourages employers to work with them in setting simple goals which when achieved will help boost confidence.


About James River Capital


This is an investment firm based in Virginia. The firm started as an alternative investment department of another firm in 1986, but that changed when Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt who now serve as the senior officers procured it in 1995. Today it has grown in heaps and bounds and currently oversees assets worth over $570 million.


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