Magnises Card Provides Millennials with Everything they need

Two friends sat down to have their dinner at a trendy Italian restaurant known as Santina. However, they were surprised by the waiter who came and offered them a glass of bubbly champagne. A bottle of white and many other wines followed later on. When having the dinner, the friends released that they were getting special treatment and discounts compared to the other customers.

These special treats are compliments provided by Magnises, private members only club. The platform was created to connect Millennials who are twenty-one to thirty-five years old. The organization was started in March 2014, and it currently serves the young people in Washington DC and New York City. In the past, the club would throw extraordinary parties, speaker series, and networking events for the members at least three times in a week. The members would also get access to stunning places where they would play and work.

This year, Magnises has decided to come up with a concierge business to ensure that their customers do not experience dull days. According to the founder of Magnises, Billy McFarland, the group is regularly involved in helping clients out. Billy says that the place is not only suitable for work but parties too.

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The Magnises concierge application is used by the members to get recommendations to the activities they can do in a day. If you are planning to have a date with a client after work or maybe attend an arts event that is happening, the application will offer a lot of help. If you need a massage from the experts, you will only be able to access it through the newly introduced app.

When a member makes a request through the application, Magnises fulfills it, and at the end of the day, it also adds some touches to spice the experience. The members who wanted to check into a certain hotel might get an upgrade for free. A dinner date might turn out to be a backstage tour for the members to taste different dishes and also meet the chef. The members can also be serenaded by a famous brand when taking their meal.

Magnises members are also given special treatment when visiting places when they flash their stainless steel black card. The members love showing off this card, and it can be used at different restaurants to access surprise perks. The users can also choose to link the card with their existing debit or credit card. This way, they can be able to use it anywhere, regardless of the occasion. Source:

Becoming a Magnises member is not a difficult thing. According to the founder, the cost of membership only two hundred and fifty dollars every year. The main criteria used by the members to get in is promising that they will be involved in the community activities. According to a recent report, the club has more than seven thousand members already. Most of these members are from New York City and Washington DC. The private club will soon open its market to Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco.

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