Barbara Stokes — Helping Hands, Helping Communities

Barbara Stokes has recently thanked Cullman for the advancement they have made into developing their green homes. Cullman has announced that they will be adding a manufacturing center to build these green homes, and they will be investing $8 million in the new facilities. There will be 80 new employees hired for the project during the first phase of the operation – that’s a great number to begin building these excellent homes. By the third year of production, they are hoping to have 300 full-time employees on board for the operation. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes. Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Stokes Development’s Green Structure Homes of Alabama, and she and her husband are excited to be completing this project in Cullman. They knew from the beginning that they wanted to add the plant to Cullman. The two purchased a home out in Smith Lake years ago, and it has been their home ever since.


Cullman is known for its great scenery and friendly people. The project will encompass a 99,000 square foot building, this is the footprint set aside for the production plant. Each year, they will create 500 to 600 Katrina style homes constructed out of light-gauge steel frames. Each home is set to be mold resistant and created from the latest architectural materials. The homes are hurricane resistant just like the Katrina models they are created to emulate. These incredible homes are able to be built in the short time span of two days at this new facility. Babara Stokes is happy about the outcome. Most of the materials that are being used will be sourced from the local industry or from the Birmingham and Decatur. More than 60% of the materials will be recycled content. The steel being used is rated as one of the best in the industry. It is fire resistant. It is also heat resistant. This resilience makes the materials impervious to many factors in the environment. Barbara Stokes’ company is receiving funding from overseas investors for this great project. She is also receiving funds from local investors. The community is excited to receive the benefits that are soon to come. Barbara Stokes is going to be a great help to this community. Read more at Business Insider.