George Soros is Back In The Market

Billionaire investor, market guru, philanthropist and political activist George Soros is a man who, as they say, ‘knows when to hold ’em and knows when to fold ’em.’ Soros always takes a highly strategic approach to his investments, and he’s been known to take lengthy breaks from the markets if the time just doesn’t seem right.

Right now the political situation globally is definitely in flux. While the current political and market volatility we’re seeing might scare off some big investors, Soros is using the situation as an opportunity to get back into the market in a significant way.

Recent trades made by Soros’ company show the investor being more bearish in his strategy. Soros is a man who’s had incredible success (to say the least) as an investor and as a market watcher of great prescience. The last time Soros got heavily involved in trading was back in 2007. Back then Soros took a hard look at the economy and concluded that a major bust was on the way. He traded accordingly, and within two years his strategy earned his company $1 billion. Now, Soros is seeing volatility and instability in the markets again, and it appears he intends to use it as a profit making opportunity.

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In recent years Soros has stepped back from market involvement. This year he stayed out of trading due to the volatility he saw coming out of China. Though some market watchers are feeling more positive about China’s future, and the future of Europe, Soros doesn’t seem to share their views. Right now he is trading with an eye towards benefitting on current and future instability.

Will Soros bets pay off in a big way again? No one knows for sure, but it’s clear that if Soros past track record is any indication, he will be laughing all the way to the bank in the not too distant future.

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