What will it take for Bryant to emerge as an elite receiver?

Martavias Bryant is a gifted athlete but has several obstacles to overcome before he can be considered elite. This guy is 6’4” and weighs in at 211 pounds. He has a 4.42 speed.

Picking Bryant in the third round was a gamble made by the Steelers. He has the potential to do good things in the NFL but he struggles to stay healthy and avoid substance abuse. Bryant missed the first six games of his rookie season because of his poor performance during training camp and an A/C sprain. That season was not good to his fantasy football rankings.

His first ever catch resulted in a 35-yard TD. Fantasy owners went nuts as they saw his fantasy football rankings increase. Then in 2015, he failed a drug test and sat out the first four games. Now he has to share targets with LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown. How will his fantasy football rankings improve in 2017?

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