The story of fashion designer Doe Deere

America is a nation formed by immigrants, rooted in its history and in the present who have contributed a lot to it. Doe Deere is an immigrant and idealized America a lot growing up in Russia and at the age of 17, her family chose to move to America, specifically New York. Deere came to realize that living in New York was much different than Russia and a difficult journey to success. Deere along with her mother and sister struggled for quite some time as her mother struggled to get her education records transferred over and with money running low. The family would have to get jobs walking dogs and cleaning apartments. After some time, her family had to go to a shelter to live with a small space for three, but despite everything that was going on, Doe Deere although did not give up on her dream on becoming a fashion designer and drew in her spare time. Their luck started to change after they were introduced to a nonprofit organization called Sanctuary for Families and one woman who was a lawyer helped her sister get into Columbia University and graduate and found her mother a job as an accountant. Deere then attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and after the family got an apartment in East Harlem. The family was met with extreme adversity with no hope but they found their way in America with some help from the nonprofit organization and through hard work. Later Doe Deere would founded her own company as an entrepreneur called Lime Crime and believes in the American Dream. After years of hard work and dedication, she built the brand to success. Doe Deere even believes that other immigrants can do the same as their family did and make a life in America. There are many immigrants in America and who emigrate here who could have success.

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Doe Deere Fashion Institute of Technology

On the topic of immigrants coming to America in search of a better life, entrepreneur and fashion visionary Doe Deere has some personal insight into the subject. Born in Russia in 1981, the moniker Doe Deere had not yet come into creation. Still going by Xenia Vorotova, Deere was just a teenager living in Russia who had only heard about America from what was portrayed in music and movies. She dreamed about living in America and at age 17, her dreams came true when her family moved to New York City.

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Doe Deere and her family knew life in New York City would be hard as struggling immigrants and were prepared to put in the effort to make their new lives become a reality. Although her mother had been an accountant in Russia, the slow transfer of records made getting work hard so the family, including Deere, took on whatever odd jobs they could find. It wasn’t long before Deere and her family found themselves at a homeless shelter, full of uncertainty. Through all of this, Doe Deere never gave up on her original American dream and continued to keep notes on her ideas as a fashion designer and future entrepreneur.

In 1999, Doe Deere’s family caught the eye of a social worker with Sanctuary for Families, changing their fate forever. The organization helped Doe Deere’s mother gain work as an accountant and assisted in getting Deere into the Fashion Institute of Technology after seeing her design sketches. Although their luck was changing, their move from the shelter to the projects was still rife with uncertainty and fear. However, they kept plugging away at their lives and never complained. Deere attributes these experiences as a young woman scraping by in America as the key to her success as a business owner of the hugely successful makeup brand Lime Crime as well as fashion brand Poppyangeloff.,999812.html#.W1iT-NVKjIU

Desigining for Fashion Class of Academy of Art University

One of the interesting things about fashion is that there are tons of different offerings for people that go beyond the usual. While people see some of the stuff on the runway that would make them wonder what is going on, there are some items in stores that are just as weird in its own way. One of the reasons that these items are so unusual is that they are designed with the purpose of getting attention from buyers. One of the reasons that people are able to design for the runway is because of all of the education they have gotten from schools in some cases. One of the schools that inspire great designs is Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art University has classes that go a lot further in depth about fashion than a lot of the other classes. A lot of the different designs come in from Academy of Art University students. However, the best designs are going to be the ready to wear type of designs. These are the outfits that complement all of the best features of an individual. These are the types of designs that are going to win awards for the school.

Academy of Art University is involved in fashion in many more ways than many other schools that deal with art. There are even classes that are dedicated to fashion journalism. Therefore, people have the chance to learn how to write about fashion. They get to cover events and even talk about the fashionable aspects of the events. For instance, fashion journalists can cover red carpet events. Catching up with the best dressed as well as the strangely dressed can be quite thrilling. They can learn about the insights that have gone into choosing the outfit. Fashion journalism can be one of the most informative types of journalism for people.

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Fabletics Takes the Active Fashion World by Storm

The Fabletics brand is turning out to be a juggernaut in the world of active fashion and the trend is definitely up. Kate Hudson is a big believer and as the face of the brand, she’s been a grand slam as they’ve grown from a fledgling startup to a $250 million dollar concern. The success of the brand is even more noteworthy in the age of Amazon which seems to be consuming the world.

The unique concept that drives Fabletics is their subscription business model which is unlike most others. Furthermore, they strongly focus on fashion and fit to give customers an outstanding experience throughout the process. Did I mention that their pricing is extraordinarily affordable? Well, it is and this combination of factors has helped the business grow exponentially.

The folks at Fabletics are experts in understanding their customers and their needs as they’ve conducted extensive market research in developing their brand. Knowing who their customers are and what they want has been a crucial factor in their growing success. They currently operate 16 physical locations and more are in the works as well.

Another important aspect of their success is the reverse showroom model that they employ. Many of their customers browse digitally to get a sense of what they want and then embark to a Fabletics location to continue shopping. Other retailers aren’t as fortunate as their customers will browse and then purchase elsewhere. Nearly half of their customers are already members before they enter a physical store. An additional 25 percent become members once they are in the store. Fabletics considers the retail store as just another extension of their outstanding customer service.

Local preferences is another area that Fabletics is demonstrating an innovative approach as they stock items that their research indicates will be well-received. Local stores are stocked in accordance with the likes of local members as well as other inputs like social media sentiment. In-store heatmapping and sales data complete the criteria that allow them to stock items that have a great chance to sell. A combination of global fashion trends and membership preferences is proving to be a compelling mix.

Kate Hudson has played another important role only this time it is in the business world as the face of Fabletics. She has done far more than cut a few commercials for the brand as she’s been heavily involved since the beginning. She’s also known for her active lifestyle which fits the brand perfectly.

One main consideration for Hudson is a freshness in the designs and she reviews them regularly to ensure that they are striking and appealing. She also wears them herself to lend even more credibility to the brand which is resonating powerfully among online fashionistas. The Lifestyle Quiz that Fabletics offers is an excellent way to determine which of their offerings is right for any one person.

Fabletics – Personalized Shopping Experience That Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

Fabletics is one of the most successful athleisure brands in the world presently and is also a healthy competition for giants like Amazon. Fabletics started in the year 2013, and since then has never looked back. It is a premium athleisure brand that offers a wide variety of fitness clothing for women. The company has distinguished itself from the competitors by providing a unique membership model that gives the member hosts of benefits. It also includes getting athleisure items personalized to suit their taste and preference every month. At present, the company enjoys the loyal membership base of close to 2 million globally.


The company also successfully implemented the reverse showroom technique, which is a highly revered business strategy earlier executed by famous brands such as Warby Parker and Apple. The company, which is co-owned by famous Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, followed the strategy of gaining substantial momentum in the market before opening physical stores across the country. The aggressive marketing approach combined with the membership model helped the company get a huge fan following and created a brand identity that millions of women relate to as a preferred brand for fitness clothing. Once the company started enjoying consistent sales and achieving business stability, it went on to open physical stores across the country. Presently, it has 18 stores in the United States, and as per the company’s CEO, Don Ressler, several hundred stores are in the pipeline.


Kate Hudson, one of the co-owners of the TechStyle Fashion Group that owns Fabletics, says that one of the primary goals of Fabletics was to offer value for money to the customers. She realized that market was flooded with huge brands that offered fitness clothing at a very high price. It is for this reason Fabletics was created so that the customers can buy athleisure products of high quality within their budget. Fabletics comes up with a new collection every month and has partnered with many famous celebrities to launch limited and exclusive collection for the customers at a low price.


Fabletics also believes in using the sales and customer data to help improve customer engagement and build an effective marketing strategy. The data is also used to check which product is popular among the audience, and which is not. The products that are not popular are removed from the shelves immediately. Fabletics customers can take the lifestyle quiz at the company’s site to know more about the personalized shopping experienced offered by the brand.

Fabletics is Affordable, Convenient, and Easy

If there’s one thing women love more than cute clothing, it’s clothing that fits their bodies. Unfortunately, this is hard to come by from certain companies. Often times, a company only makes certain clothing sizes that fit a certain look. They’re not all inclusive to all body types. This can make others sad that don’t fit the mold of a perfect body. Those who have a little more meat on their bones struggle to find the variety of clothes that are offered to smaller women. Luckily, there are clothing companies out there that are now catering to women no matter what their size. One of those clothing companies is Fabletics.


Fabletics specializes in athleisure Verona Couture clothing. Chances are that you’ve seen advertisements online or on television for their clothing brands. That’s because it’s a company that’s been gaining a lot of traction recently thanks to all the strides that they are making in the fashion world. Fabletics has been successful for a variety of reasons. For one, they offer a subscription based service. This means those who can’t get enough of Fabletics can sign up so that they’re always in the loop about upcoming styles and deals. This also locks them in at lower prices and helps them get cute new clothing each month! The Krazy Coupon lady knows just how good of deals Fabletics has. In their review, they talk about how great the perks are. They pay half of what non-members pay, they get sexy clothes, and their first outfit is way cheap!


Fabletics also has physical locations for those who like to try clothes on before they purchase them. All body types are different and so are clothing sizes. These stores actually give women the perfect opportunity to find what size fits them. This is particularly helpful for those who are in-between two sizes. Once a woman finds what size works for her, she can switch over to online shopping because it’s much easier and convenient. There are also staff on hand at these locations that can help customers sign up for the membership service.


OVerall, Fabletics is really changing the way that women shop. It’s making their lives easier by providing a service that allows them to get clothing quickly and affordably. Fabletics caters to women of all sizes and therefore this is truly a service that anyone, no matter where they are in the country, can enjoy.