NexBank is on the Cutting Edge of Banking

NexBank, located in Dallas, Texas and is a regional based financial institution. The bank offers three core areas of business and includes Investment, Commercial and Mortgage banking. The client base includes real estate investors, middle market companies and large corporations. The NexBank team is comprised of individuals with a strong focus customer service and to provide the financial capabilities to its clients. NexBank was co-founded by James Dondero and John Holt. Dondero is the current President and Holt is the current President and Chief Executive Officer.

One of the strengths of NexBank is their ability to move mortgages in an effective, efficient and timely manner. With the mortgage industry on an ever-changing course, NexBank stays on the cutting edge of the industry to meet the demands and needs of each client by developing new and unique strategies for each client. NexBank also identifies the individual needs of each client and develops a plan specifically to help clients achieve those goals. The company offers the best financial service ranging from a paperless and a fully automated system to efficient loan underwriting.

By mid- 2016, NexBank successfully completed a $24 million dollar capital equity raise for the purpose of building the general fund. The capital will provide the necessary financial stimulus to support further company growth and development opportunities. The capital raised will also give the company the ability to maintain a positive position for the continued growth of NexBank’s scalable businesses throughout NexBank.

NexBank is also invested in the community and, along with other banking and financial institutions support the police fund designed to help families of Dallas police officers wounded or mortally wounded. The support from the banking industry lets the families know there is support and care from the community. It is important to NexBank to support such funding efforts to help strengthen their community.