InnovaCare Health under Rick Shinto and its current success

The healthcare sector is a crucial industry in the world as it helps people in many ways. InnovaCare health is one of the organizations that have been performing well and through its dedicated leaders; the industry has transformed the lives of many individuals. Although the company started a few years ago, it has been expanding because it offers innovative services and clients love it. The organization provides quality services to consumers but at affordable prices. The strong leadership at the company has led to the success of the company.

The world of healthcare is complicated, and it needs leaders who are dedicated to helping patients. Without the right leadership, it is not possible for a company to excel because there is high competition in the industry. InnovaCare Health has earned trust from its customers because it provides them with what they need. The healthcare organization specializes in giving physician services to patients. The company uses the latest technology in running its operations, and this has led to the improvement of delivery of services to its customers. It is located in Puerto Rico, and today it serves thousands of customers who are happy with the services they get.

The healthcare industry in Puerto Rico is competitive, and for a company to thrive, it must have excellent leadership. For example, InnovaCare health is led by a team of experienced experts. Rick Shinto who serves as the president of the organization has been serving in the medical sector for many years. He has served in many other large organizations and acquired the skills to run an organization like InnovaCare health. He has been serving in the healthcare sector for over twenty years and has served several institutions successfully.

Before he went to work at the great organization, Rick Shinto worked at Aveta where he served as the president of the company. He also worked as the chief medical officer at an organization based in California. At Medical Pathways, Shinto worked as the chief medical officer before going to take challenging jobs to other large organizations. Working for these organizations has enabled Rick Shinto to acquire the knowledge to manage and run large companies successfully. That is why he is the best leader at InnovaCare because he understands how to run such organization. His leadership at the company has been crucial and fundamental to its success.

Rick Shinto works with other great leaders like Penelope Kokkinides to run the organization. The two are top leaders who have contributed to the success of this organization. Penelope has also been working in the industry successfully for many years.

Eric Lefkofsky Prominent Businessman and Philanthropist

Eric Lefkofsky is a world-renowned Chicago based serial entrepreneur. Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus and the firms CEO. Tempus technology is a technology-based company that allows physician delivers patient-centered care to cancer patients. Among other companies that Eric Lefkofsky has helped establish include Groupon Company where he serves as the firm’s Chairman. Groupon is a world-renowned e-commerce company. Eric also co-founded of Uptake Technologies. Mediaocean that is a top media procurement company is the other list of companies that Eric has helped establish. Other companies that are under Eric’s name include the NASDAQ listed Echo Global Logistics Company, InnerWorkings, and Lightbank that is a Chicago based venture capital firm with interests in disruptive technology businesses.

Eric Lefkofsky apart from being a prominent businessman is also a philanthropist whom cheerful gives to charitable causes. Eric together with his wife established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that for decades has been at the forefront in promoting and supporting community initiatives in Chicago. Lefkofsky other undertakings include serving as a Trustee of the Chicago based Lurie Children’s Hospital and Art Institute among others.

Eric Lefkofsky besides business and philanthropy is also an academic and has taught in top universities. Lefkofsky is currently an Adjunct Professor teaching on matters entrepreneurship and business technology at the University of Chicago. Lefkofsky is also an Author and has published a book titled Accelerated Disruption that talks about how technology affects business.

Eric Lefkofsky is a proud alumnus of the University of Michigan where he was honored with a Jurist Doctor Degree.

According to Eric Lefkofsky, the Idea of establishing Tempus emanated from personal experience where he witnessed firsthand the technological gap in cancer treatment when a loved one was being treated of the disease. Eric from the encounter realized that doctors did not have access to technology and data that has helped transformed other industries. Eric went further to research the same in the market and still found that there was a gap for the provision of technology-based services for cancer patients in clinical settings and that’s how Tempus was born. Eric brings ideas to life through the identification of problems and as result strives to find the solutions to those problems.

OG Juan and Jay Z Spend Several Dollars during the Legendary Birthday Party

In February 2018, JAY Z, a famous artist, and OG Juan, a Roc Nation Executive, grabbed headlines for their huge spending. Being his 50th Birthday, OG Juan, celebrated with the Roc Nation Crew and his closest allies by drinking as well as dining in excess. Immediately after the celebrations receipts and bar tabs went viral. People were surprised at seeing the amount spent during the event.

By then, OG Juan was less famous, and people from all corners of the country inquired who he was. They also tried to find out who warranted such a huge dollar bar tab. OG Juan who is frequently mentioned in Hova’s shout-out is a die-hard friend of JAY Z and a husband to Desiree Perez who is the Roc Nation’s chief operating officer. Desiree Perez and OG Juan are actually the backbones of the Roc Nation Empire.

During Juan’s birthday party, Jay was reported to be the biggest spender of the famous night out. While at Zuma in the Midtown, he splashed about 13000 U.S. dollars for dinner. Here, they enjoyed some of the best dishes in the world: finest lobster, sushi, and steak. He spent about 9000 U.S. dollars for drinks in Made in Mexico, which is a restaurant situated in Inwood.

By the time they got into the NYC nightclub Playroom, the team had dissipated to about six members. Here, they ordered several bottles of luxurious drinks for themselves and other tables. It was a great day for everyone in the Playroom. The server was also delighted serving Jay and OG Juan. According to the server at the playroom, Jay spent about $91,135.

OG Juan was born in Harlem. He first met Jay in the year 1996. They became great friends after realizing they had many similarities including the great love for entertainment. Their love for sports and other types of entertainment brought them together in various business ventures.

Deirdre Baggot Desire to Change the Face of Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is one of the most significant industries in any nation. It is a sector that any government should invest immensely and ensure it meets the needs of its people or all those in need. Deirdre Baggot is one of the paramount leaders in the world who have played great roles in the development and expansion of the healthcare and payment innovation in the sector. Every nation invests a lot of money in its healthcare industry. However, it is upon those in the office to come up with great strategies that can make it more affordable and at the best standards. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot on Ideamensch

Deirdre has been very vocal and dedicated to finding the best means to make the healthcare sector more affordable and reliable to those in need. Deirdre Baggot is a trained clinician who has served in many health institutions but it is her willpower to insist on the significance of implementing bundled payments in the sector that makes her stand out. She realized there was a problem with the healthcare sector while still working at The Camden Group. But could the problem be solved? Baggot had the answers.

The best way Deirdre Baggot could save the problems in the healthcare industry was through advocacy and embracing her leadership styles in the sector. Baggot understood that there was a gap between clinicians and the administrations and the problem had to be solved. Having worked a nurse as well as an administrator, Baggot knew it was her mandate to transform the healthcare sector for good. Ms Baggot has always advocated for extensive research in finding enough ways to improve healthcare issues in the society.

One of her favourite focus during her career as a nurse and a healthcare strategist has always been to improve the quality of life and make it better for the people. Deirdre Baggot is motivated by well-calculated policies but she opens a door for failure in implementing these policies. She sees the latest development in the healthcare sector such as the introduction of improved medical equipment, better training of medical practitioners and effective implementation of policies as the future for the sector.



Ryan Seacrest Discusses His Busy Schedule

Many people in Hollywood have a lot on their plates but there is nobody busier than Ryan Seacrest. So how does he manage to stay so busy and juggle all of his different positions at once? The 43-year-old radio personality, TV host and producer recently sat down to discuss how he’s managed to obtain so many different jobs and how he maintains a decent work-life balance. He has to be up by 5 in the morning in order to be at the radio station by 6. This is so he can begin his first job as the host of the #1 nationally syndicated morning drivetime show, On Air With Ryan. Afterward, he heads over to the studio to host his well-received morning talk show, Live With Kelly and Ryan. This will be his second season on the show and he’s particularly excited about it.

After he’s finished with his hosting duties, he heads over to the office to work on the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the youth of America break into show business. The radio show host has explicitly said that this one is a passion project of his as he is devoted to being a good role model for the next generation. Once he is finished with that, he heads to his other office where he works on his new clothing line known as Distinction. As a kid, he was always complaining about never being able to find jeans that were both comfortable and affordable. Fortunately, he has created this new line of pants to address this very issue.

He also has a line of skin care products known as Polish which is designed to keep your skin looking young and feeling smooth for as long as possible. And of course, at night, he dons a tux and hops onto the stage as the host of the long-running and immensely popular reality series, American Idol. The hit singing competition will be heading into its 17th and final season this year and Ryan Seacrest has said that he intends to find a new job to fill this position.

Louis Chenevert, the entrepreneur with unique capabilities

Louis Chenevert is the CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He has been the CEO since April 2008 and was elected chairman in 2010. He joined United Technologies Corporation ion 2006 as a Chief Operating Officer. Before joining United Technologies, Louis Chenevert was working in Pratt & Whitney as the President from 1999 to March 2006 after spending more than 14 years at general motors as the production manager.

Louis Chenevert is part of the US-India CEO Forum and chairs the Tax and Fiscal committee at the Business Roundtable. He is the chairman of Yale cancer Centers Advisory Board and is among Cargill’s Board of Directors. He was inducted in 2005 as the AIAA Fellow.

Louis Chenevert attended the University of Montreal where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Commerce. He is the founder of Friends of HEC Montreal as well as the chair of the Board of Directors. Louis Chenevert believes that the success of a business is determined by the investment the company has made to the employees.

In a recent interview, Louis Chenevert offered the crucial tips that will help business owners invest in their employees and improve the company output. The first method is by optimizing the employee workplace by creating a conducive environment for them to work and be productive. The favorable environment is achieved by avoiding office politics and create more space like having an arcade game in the office where the workers can relax and have some fun.

The second most important investment is by rewarding the hardworking employees by creating awards like the employee of the month Awards and the gift certificates. If the investor is not willing to spend cash, heshe can reward them by doubling their lunch break period on that week. Louis Chenevert pointed out that the creation of the Employee Scholar Program is also essential in showing the employees that the company cares for them. The company may chip in supporting the employees in paying education expenses. In UTC, Louis Chenevert has created the employee scholar program that helps any employee in the company by paying for the whole education expense.

Robert Deignan: Utilizing ATS Digital Services to Build Value in Customer Service

Robert Deignan’s success as CEO of ATS Digital Services is a feat that didn’t just happen on sheer luck. Deignan’s occupational prosperity was manifested because he is a man who bases his business decisions on the determining factors of analytics. According to Deignan, doing proper and thorough research into one’s entrepreneurial endeavors is a very critical element to acquiring business success because it allows one to receive insight into how well-received or useful the idea will be. Prior to creating ATS Digital in August 2011, Deignan had the opportunity to witness the potential of his company’s services after introducing the use of screen-sharing technology while working for an Anti-Malware Software Company. Moreover, after the company’s customers showed extreme satisfaction at the level of convenience for resolving their technical issues with remote technology, Deignan knew that his company was going to flourish because he knew that it was going to fill the void that the customer service industry lacked.

Yet, as an IT entrepreneur with an innate discernment for business, Robert Deignan had always exuded traits of consistency in passion and determination when acquiring his goals. Growing up in Florida, his dedication to playing football created the opportunity for him to receive a full scholarship to college whereby he had the privilege to attend and graduate from Purdue University in 1995 with a business degree. Nevertheless, his consistency pushed him to continue playing the sport even after college. Deignan played for the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets between from 1997-1998 and then switched to a more entrepreneurial path. After co-founding Fanlink, Inc. in 1998 and executing responsibilities as the Executive Vice President of iS3, Inc. for nine years, Deignan then created ATS Digital Services. Certainly, as CEO of the first ever customer service company to become app certified, it can be clearly assumed that Deignan knows a thing or two about the needs behind customer service applications. In expressing words of business advice, Deignan states how investing in customer support is a very vital component to growing the brand of a business—SaaS companies in particular. According to Deignan, because SaaS companies don’t actually have a physical product to sell and make their profit from long-term customer loyalty via subscriptions, providing excellent and convenient customer service is key to sustained growth of the company and one of the most assured ways to make the company stand out.

Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe On Amassing A $230 Million Fortune And On Her First Wedding Anniversary

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the newest female entrepreneur making a name for herself in the world of online dating apps. She started off as being the co-founder of Tinder but left that enterprise after being sexually harassed by a co-worker. She then went on to found a rival company called Bumble, and now is worth a reported $230 million dollars.

The new company started off with an extremely radical premise: what if there was a dating app that allowed females to make the first move? What if there was a dating app that put females in the driver’s seat? This was the type of dating app Whitney Wolfe wanted to start, and she did. When she approached Badoo dating app founder and Russian Billionaire Andrey Andreev with the idea, he didn’t immediately jump at the idea, but he was impressed with Whitney Wolfe’s “passion and energy.” To make a long story short, Andreev agreed to help fund the project, and Bumble took off and hasn’t stopped growing since. Visit to know more about Whitney Wolfe

Needless to say, when Whitney Wolfe finally did take a break from her hard work starting dating apps long enough to settle down and marry herself, She and her guy wanted to make sure they did it right. When she said her vows to Michael Herd, he wanted to do it with the taste of southern Italy. Naturally, the wedding design of Whitney Wolfe was a treat to all five senses, and definitely a thing of beauty. Even though she is a leader in online dating apps, the most interesting thing about her pairing with Michael Herd would be in the fact that they met face-to-face and not with any type of dating app. When both of their respective families were in Aspen, they were introduced by a mutual friend. It was truly love at first sight. Michael is a restaurateur and is active in the oil and gas industry. It will definitely be interesting to see what this business power couple comes up with collectively in the near future!



Southridge Capital succeeds under the leadership of Stephen Hicks

Southridge Capital is a firm that has been ranked as one of the best companies when it comes to the provision of excellent financial services to customers. Public companies have found a lot of help from Southridge because the company is always dedicated to helping its clients who come from different backgrounds. If you are currently facing financial issues, you can be sure that the experienced executives will provide you with great ideas and insights on how to overcome these challenges. They offer a broad range of innovative solutions. The success of the company has been due to different reasons. First, it has a team that is dedicated to what they do.




They always take their time to listen to your problems before they can recommend possible solutions. They first understand the needs of their customers so that they can offer the best solutions. At Southridge Capital, you will meet financial executives who are experienced. They have been in the sector for many years and have acquired what it takes to help others achieve success in their businesses. The market is continually changing, and that is why it needs people who can learn the trends and make the right decisions. The top at the firm is currently Stephen Hicks who acts as the CEO. Stephen is also the founder of the firm. He has achieved a lot in business and is admired by other entrepreneurs for his great entrepreneurial skills. To see more you can checkout



Stephen Hicks started Southridge  Capital several years ago and set the right standards. He wanted to deliver the best solutions to his customers, and that is what he has since the inception of his company. He has been dedicating his time and skills to serve the company. That is how he has managed to ensure that customers can receive quality services all through. Those who have sought the services of the company have been happy since Hicks knows how to satisfy his customers. He is an experienced financial who has been in the market for the last thirty years.






Stephen Hicks is not only an experienced leader, but he also has the academic requirements that are essential when it comes to leadership. He has used the knowledge he gained in school to transform Southridge to become a large organization.



Felipe Montoro Jens’ Report on the Paralyzed Infrastructure Projects in Brazil

In a report, infrastructure expert Felipe Montoro Jens highlighted the numerous projects in Brazil that have been put to a halt. A recent survey conducted by the National Confederation of Industry revealed that there are 2796 paralyzed works, and 18.5 percent (517) of the projects are linked to the infrastructure sector.

According to Felipe’s report, appropriate measures should be put in place to curb the menace. One great way of ending this stalemate is by ensuring that the teams carrying out the projects are well equipped. Another thing is that the contracts used in the development of such projects should be designed in such a way that they are more balanced. Furthermore, internal control should be strengthened to avert such cases. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

When it comes to matters of Infrastructure and finance, Felipe Montoro Jens is highly skilled to tackle them. Currently, Felipe serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Energipar Captacao SA. Felipe Montoro Jens put in a lot of work to sharpen his skills and get to where he is today.

Mr. Jens’ journey to the top started at the Getulio Vargas Foundation from where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. To overcome the stiff competition in the corporate world, Felipe Montoro Jens went ahead to further his studies at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. After that, his hard work started to pay off has he swiftly maneuvered through the business environment to build his brand.

Due to his diligence and ability to perform under any circumstance, Felipe Montoro Jens has been targeted by many firms offering him top positions. Therefore, throughout his career Felipe has worked in a good number of firms both in and out of Brazil. Price water house Coopers, Enel, Atvos, and Braskem are some few examples of the firms Felipe has worked for. It is also evident that he will keep soaring high and achieving more.