Beneful Brand Dog Food Commercials: Cuteness is Key

When it comes to the cute factor of dogs, it’s a no-brainer. The folks at Beneful obviously picked up on that that fairly quickly and decided to let their commercials shine a light on the furry friends that benefit from their superb products.

For the Break-N-Bite treats, the commercial features a beautiful chocolate lab that telepathically tells us how real the struggle for rewards can be. The dog advises other canines within earshot that it’s a long treat that breaks into 4 equal pieces. According to him, to get more tha just one or two pieces (sit or stay), they they have to break out the cuteness and hit it out of the park (let a toddler lay on you).

In the commercial “Dinner for Two”, the pooch is in the kitchen having dinner with his human. He tells us, while scarfing down his Beneful dinner, that he basically felt sorry for his human counterpart because while enjoying his mean, all she was able to have was a “A cheesestick and a cracker. Can you believe it?!”

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