Clay Hutson’ Sought After Producer

Biographical Sketch

Clay Hutson is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. He’s always had his heart set on music as a career, since the earliest days he can remember. After finishing his regular studies and graduating high school he attended Central Michigan University, where he earned a Bachelors of Arts in theater design. He attended the Stephen M. Ross School of Business and received a master’s in Business administration.


Rock n’ Roll and Billy Graham

His first few years out of college he traveled with the Billy Graham team across Europe as well as picking up some jobs as sound engineer here and there. He always kept his love for Rock n’ Roll close to his goals, but after several years of gaining experience as a tour manager, sound engineer and stage management he accumulated enough experience to stand out on his own. At one point during the recession he was having trouble with a contractor he was working with and when the whole thing turned sour he decided that it was a perfect time to start his own business. He’s been happy with the opportunities that followed ever since.


Testimonials and Recommendations

Clay soon started to receive testimonials and references from his clients and work started to pour into his office. Clay Hutson says that at this point in his career he was striving to do impeccable work and he worked hard to give his clients something to always be happy with and kept them coming back for more of the same kind of service. This kind of thinking costs Clay Hutson putting in long hours, from 6:30am until sometimes way after sunset. Hutson started to realize how the news gets around in this industry when people are pleased with your work. Your name comes up often and you are never without work.


Touring with Today’s Artists

Though the days of dedicaated planning and working hard to keep his team in check at all times requires lots of littel sacrifices Clay Hutson has recieved the greatest reward from the artist he’s had the opportunity to work: Kid Rock, One Republic, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Halsey, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and others. There is no joy like knowing you’ve pleased your clients and given the fans of the artist the greatest and most beautiful experience ofhteir lives and something they can carry with them a long time. Clay Hutson enjoys being with his family as well as woodworking and other arts and crafts. Learn more:

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Alex Pall gives insights on how Chainsmokers have emerged a success in the music industry.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have joined hands to create one of the most promising and unique bands. The two founded Chainsmokers and their songs are becoming more popular by the day. They bring a fresh sound to the music industry.


Since a young age, they both enjoyed music, and Alex Pall even learned Djing . He worked as a Dj for a short while but never took it as a real job because of the fun involved in it. He however discovered music was all around him and thus decided to give it a trial and pursue music as his job. Andrew Taggart, on the other hand, enjoyed electronic music, and during his college years his peers would make fun of his style, electronic has emerged into a favorite genre among many.

Andrew and Alex shared a manager, and he introduced the two during an art gallery, before deciding to be music partners. Alex and Drew first grew as friends and during their meeting discovered they had a lot in common, their shared ideals influenced them to start the group ‘Chainsmokers.’


In a recent interview, the duo explained some of the challenges they have faced especially with their kind of music. Introducing a new sound in the industry is not easy, and this has been the case for Chainsmokers, introducing their electronic style and incorporating their Djing skills has been a walk in the park. Though according to Alex it is normal that a particular group will embrace their style fully while the other group needs persuading.


Owing to this, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have been on several tours with the aim of attracting more listeners and interacting more closely with their fans; the trip was in the European countries. Apart from the trip, the duo also believes that social media has played a crucial part in reaching their audiences and understanding how their fans relate to their music.


In addition to their fresh sound, another thing that stands out about the duo is how they sing about their real lives. It is especially new since they are young and it is not common among young people to sing about their experiences. Alex and Andrew work with songwriters and explain how they feel and allow the songwriters to put their feelings into words. This has also contributed to their popularity as young people can relate to them.

OSI Food Solutions Helps Businnes Grow

Choosing a food supply company to partner with is an important decision. A few things to consider when making that decision are experience, quality and reputation. OSI Food Solutions provides quality to its customers with a unique approach.

OSI Is A Global Leader In The Foodservice Industry

The British Safety Council awarded the Globe of Honour to OSI Food Solutions in 2016, and OSI is one of the top 100 companies in the US. Their innovative approach and focus on high-quality products and services has proven its value.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to stand out in a very competitive market they way that OSI has done. OSI Food Solutions understands the needs of businesses and people. There is a definite need for a food supplier to be flexible. This is invaluable for both small and large companies. OSI has proven that they are willing and ready to meet the demands of their partners based on specific and individual levels.

Customization and scalability are vital to success and growth for many businesses. Every business has specific needs for its growth. OSI is a leader because it offers each partner the custom services and products on a scale that is economically efficient.

In the food industry the products supplied must be of top quality and every product delivered must meet all safety standards. A correct approach has always been a top priority for OSI Food Solutions since its inception and it continues today.

Delivering perishables on time is imperative and being flexible with dietary needs is also a top priority. Developing a strategic and unique way of building relationships that help businesses grow has made OSI one of the most trust-worthy companies for foodservice retailers around the world.

Partnering with OSI provides opportunities for business growth and it also provides careers for many individuals.

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Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is an American-Iranian entrepreneur. He was born in the year 1974 in Tehran, Iran. He is recognized as a philanthropist, a super angel investor and a venture capitalist. He was born to two parents. His father was called Abraham pishevar while his mother was called Eshrat Pishevar. His father worked as an executive manager in a local media station in Tehran, Iran. He worked as a radio and television coordinator.

Abraham Pishevar later migrated to the US. This was after his name was listed on the Ayatollah Khomeini’s execution document. Abraham was so shocked. He was accused of broadcasting very vital information that aided Iran residents to migrate to other foreign nations.

Abraham relocated to the US because he was soon going to be executed. When he got to the US, he worked as a cab driver. He operated in Silver Spring in Maryland. Eighteen months later, Abraham was joined by his family in the US. Before Abraham relocated to the United States, he had already acquired a masters in Mass Communication. He managed to cater for the family and also furthered his education. He pursued a PhD in Mass communication at Howard University.

Shervin Pishevar studied in Montgomery Blair High school. The institution was a science and maths school. At a tender age, Shervin Pishevar managed to campaign and get elected to the Montgomery Blair High School education board. At the board, he managed to push for a $10 that was meant to be paid by the taxpayers in the county. He proposed the money be used for the school’s mechanics and woodworking classes. His parents encouraged him to pursue a medical course. However, he chose to decline and decided to pursue entrepreneurship. Since he ventured into the business industry, he has been so successful. He has managed several corporates assisting them to progress from one level to the other.

At one time, he was named by the US government as the most outstanding American by choice. He has also received an Ellis Island Medal of honor in the years, 2015 and 2016. Shervin Pishevar was also invited to the J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board by the former US president Barrack Obama.

Desigining for Fashion Class of Academy of Art University

One of the interesting things about fashion is that there are tons of different offerings for people that go beyond the usual. While people see some of the stuff on the runway that would make them wonder what is going on, there are some items in stores that are just as weird in its own way. One of the reasons that these items are so unusual is that they are designed with the purpose of getting attention from buyers. One of the reasons that people are able to design for the runway is because of all of the education they have gotten from schools in some cases. One of the schools that inspire great designs is Academy of Art University.

Academy of Art University has classes that go a lot further in depth about fashion than a lot of the other classes. A lot of the different designs come in from Academy of Art University students. However, the best designs are going to be the ready to wear type of designs. These are the outfits that complement all of the best features of an individual. These are the types of designs that are going to win awards for the school.

Academy of Art University is involved in fashion in many more ways than many other schools that deal with art. There are even classes that are dedicated to fashion journalism. Therefore, people have the chance to learn how to write about fashion. They get to cover events and even talk about the fashionable aspects of the events. For instance, fashion journalists can cover red carpet events. Catching up with the best dressed as well as the strangely dressed can be quite thrilling. They can learn about the insights that have gone into choosing the outfit. Fashion journalism can be one of the most informative types of journalism for people.

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DR. Vijay Eswaran: The Motivational Business Magnet

Vijay Eswaran seats at the helm of QI group, as the founder and the executive chairman. The QI group is a multi-business behemoth that spans a variety of sectors: direct selling, education, financial services, retail and hospitality.QNET, QI group’s flagship subsidiary, is now a global company, with offices, in UAE and many other parts of the world. Dr. Vijay Eswaran established QNET in 1998. The company has managed to blend an e-commerce business model with traditional direct selling.

A man of great vision and passion, Dr. Vijay Eswaran embraces spirituality with deep passion, as shown on He is known for advocating for ‘RYTHM’ philosophy (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind). RYTHM essentially translates to living a truthful life, reaching out to others, and encouraging others to follow suit.

The LSE (London School Economics) educated businessman continuously propagates his rule: persistence, perseverance and perspiration. Aside from leading a multi-million conglomerate, Dr Sri Vijay is also a motivational speaker and a best-selling author.

Eswaran’s literary offerings include, In the Sphere of Silence published in 2005; In the Thinking Zone, launched in 2008; On the Wings of Thought, that was published 2011; and his latest book, Two Minutes from Abyss, that was released in 2017.

Vijay’s approach to life and his business philosophy can be gleaned from his writings. His books and articles are inspiring to those on the difficult journey to success. In his latest book, Two Minutes from the Abyss, he expresses the importance of living in the moment.

In the book, Vijay writes about one of his keys to success; the value of NOW. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not guaranteed, so all you have is now. He talks about how we forget how impermanent life is. He notes that most of us live like we have thousands of years ahead, but the reality is, only NOW is promised, this moment may be your last.

Eswaran not only writes books, he also writes motivational articles that will guide you on your way to success. In his article, 3 Ways Fear Drives Success, Vijay reveals that fear can fuel you to succeed if you don’t allow it to paralyse you. “What doesn’t paralyse you makes you stronger.”

Why Southridge Capital is the Best Financial Group in the World

Founded and launched in 1996 by expert analyst, Stephen Hicks, Southridge Capital has quickly become the world’s largest and most successful financial group. The company works to create customized plans and strategies to help budding and struggling corporations with their financial growth. The company’s main office is located in Connecticut, where their four main analysts work. These professionals include Stephen Hicks, Laurence Ditkoff, Linda Carlsen and Henrgy Sargent. With a combined 60 years of financial experience, the Southridge Capital company can aid all types of companies as well as high net worth individuals. They also recently expanded to open offices around the world, including areas like Singapore, Japan, France and Africa. They have since made over $1.8 billion dollars worth of investments for their clients. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Southridge Capital has over 300 different customers who all use their financial advisory services with true success. These companies include Ridgefield Estates, Community Health, Connecticut Partners and Walnut Hill Community Church. Recently, they have begun work with the Connecticut Health Department to create financial programs to help struggling towns and cities. As well as working with paying clientele, Southridge Capital donates a lot of its profits to charities around the world by working directly with the Daystar Foundation. To date, the company has donated over half a million dollars to charities and continually looks for programs that are in need of investment help. You can visit



The services provided by Southridge Capital include financial planning, acquisition and merger data creation, data sheet optimization, credit enhancement and advisory services. Because of the work they have done for their clients, new and struggling corporations flock to the agency to better get a grip on their financial futures. Southridge Capital will create a secured plan for your investments and profits, ensuring that your company thrives over the years. The founder of the Southridge Capital group, Stephen Hicks, has over 30 years of experience working in the financial industry. Not only is he the creator and owner of the Southridge Capital company, but he was the lead financial analyst for the Bridge Financial Group prior to creating his own corporation. He attended Fordham University and Briar Cliff College for Business Finance and Administration.





The RealReal: Authenticated Luxury Consignment (Yes its for real)

The New Yorker recently came out with an article about a company called The RealReal. This company is a consignment store which authenticates luxury brands and resells them for a lower price. CEO Julie Wainwright founded the company in 2011 and currently employs a specialized team of gemologists, horologists, art curators, and brand authenticators. The company understands that people like to shop online for luxurious brands, but often get knockoffs, so their goal is to make sure that every item put into the shopping cart is the authentic brand it is labeled as. Wainwright got the idea for the luxury-consignment whilst on a shopping trip in a wealthy town in Silicon Valley in 2010. She was shopping with a friend, who ended up buying multiple items with high-end labels, including; Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. These items were all on consignment. Julie Wainwright was impressed and the idea of her own company was being created in her mind. After a few months, the name for the store was chosen and registered. The article went on to explain how the company gained multiple offices across the country. They are creating possibilities to make these expensive and luxurious brands accessible to people who otherwise would not be able to afford them. They explained that The RealReal wanted to offer a different experience of luxury consignment by helping people be able to study what makes something authentic and a knockoff. They want people to be able to get the product they want not a cheap knockoff.

Over the years, the company expanded from just an online experience to creating brick and mortar stores. They have generated hundreds of millions of dollars worth of revenue. They not only sell designer clothing but also accessories and jewelry. Their main demographic is women, making up 80% of customers, however, men are growing to like the company since they can not purchase authentic designer watches and leather goods. The RealReal employes over 800 people who all help to make it a great company to meet consumer wants.