Richard Dwayne Blair Approach to Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair works for Wealth solutions as a financial advisor. This firm deals with the provision of financial advisory services to their broad base of clients. Their services include the following:

  • Retirement planning. They give the client a perfect way to be prepared for this period that catches most people unaware
  • Wealth management. The firm also provides advice on how to manage the available assets to ensure that they are productive for a long period.

Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the chief advisors in this institution. He has accrued massive experience after handling numerous cases that are different from each other. This diversity of the client’s issue has enabled him to be prepared with a solution to almost everything that is brought up to him. Recently, Richard Dwayne Blair gave the three steps that he uses to manage clients’ wealth issues. The techniques have so far proven to be highly effective in wealth management. The following are some of the significant steps that he takes customers through:

  1. Step One.

Initially, Richard Dwayne Blair seeks to understand the client’s plans. He sits down with the client and engages him/her in a talk that is directed towards identifying the specific goals that the client wants to achieve within a particular period. This process is called laying the financial roadmap. Most of these primary discussions are very fruitful. He also seeks to understand the specific fears that the client may be having regarding achieving the dream. From the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s plans, Richard can prepare for the next step effectively.

  1. Step Two.

The second step borrows from the information obtained from the first phase. This is the period where the actual strategizing is done. Richard Dwayne Blair advices the client putting into consideration the resources that he/she has. Mostly, he prefers to give the client a long-term investment plan.

  1. Step Three.

The third phase is the actual implementation of the financial plan laid down in the previous step. Richard takes the client step by step through the implementation process. He also closely monitors the actual performance of the business to the initial plan. Richard is there for the client until the company breaks even and becomes an established firm.

Malcolm CasSelle Launches New Company Called Worldwide Asset Exchange

Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who has managed to create quite an impact in the digital technology industry over the last several years. He was originally educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attended his undergraduate education and majored in computer science. He was able to graduate from the University and obtain his bachelor’s degree in computer science. He later went to Stanford University and was able to attend graduate classes in computer science. Stanford University awarded Malcolm CasSelle his Masters degree in computer science after he completed the curriculum necessary.

He was able to enter the digital technology industry ready to create change by the time he had completed his formal education. Malcolm CasSelle has operated in several key leadership roles that have been present in several digital technology companies during their startup phases. Many of these companies have gone on to be incredibly successful and have attributed to some degree of their success to help that Malcolm CasSelle has provided during his time with them. In addition to his success as an executive leader in the startup phases of several digital technology companies, he has also proven himself as a competent investor and venture capitalist. He was able to have the foresight to invest during the early stages of notable companies such as Facebook and Zynga which were able to provide him with significant returns on his investments.

Now Malcolm CasSelle has launched a new company which he has named worldwide asset exchange. Worldwide asset exchange is a company that will operate as a decentralized marketplace for the exchange of value between individuals who are playing online video games. This marketplace is powered by the same technology behind popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. Malcolm CasSelle believes that using the decentralized technology of the blockchain will allow users of online video games to conduct business in a manner that is much more user-friendly than in the past. They will be able to conduct business using a common store of value. This will eliminate the need for Forex markets for users who do not use the same date of currency. In addition, the prevalence of fraud should be significantly reduced on these markets.

Whitney Wolfe: Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is an inspiring business owner and entrepreneur. She is the creator of Bumble, which is one of the most popular dating sites in the world. Bumble is different from other dating apps in several ways. First of all, females make the first move with potential matches. Not only does this process help women feel more comfortable, but it also allows them to date on their terms. In the past few months, more people than ever have started to worry about female safety issues. There are numerous reports of people who have been assaulted while on a date. To prevent this issue from occurring, Whitney Wolfe designed a dating platform to help females in the dating area.

Helping Others

Whitney is inspiring to many females. There are few females CEO’s in the technology sector, and she gives talks around the country about how she developed the dating app. Although she is married, she is still passionate about helping other people find their soulmate. In the coming months, Whitney Wolfe plans to spend more time and money on various charitable causes. Many charities enjoy working with her due to her great passion and energy.


Whitney also speaks around the country at various colleges. She encourages young females to follow their dreams, even if those dreams involve starting a business. Despite having more education than ever before, females still begin fewer successful companies than men. Whitney believes that becoming a business owner is the best way to have financial success. Even though she is financially successful, she still works long hours each day. She wants to make Bumble the best dating option available for women all over the world. Anyone who wants to learn how to run a quality business should consider reading about Whitney’s career as a business owner.

Whitney Wolf Herd Never Intended To Get Back Into The World Of Dating Apps

Most people are familiar with Whitney Wolf Herd. This is especially true since she founded the Bumble dating app. During the period of time when she was considering what to do next Andrey Andreev entered the picture. He is the CEO and founder of a dating platform called Badoo. He viewed her leaving Tinder as an opportunity and wanted to meet with her. He first offered Whitney Wolf Herd the position of Badoo’s Chief Marketing Officer but she declined. She had not intention of becoming immersed in the world of dating apps ever again.At this point in time Michael Herd was not yet her husband but she took his advice. Andrey Andreev had made her an amazing offer. The handshake between Whitney Wolfe Herd and Andrey Andreev was the beginning of Bumble.

The deal was she would own twenty percent of the company, he would control 79 percent and the last one percent would be split between Sarah Mick and Christopher Gulczynski. The original name for the app was Moxie but this changed to Bumble due to a trademark conflict. Bumble was to be headquartered in Houston, Texas. Thirty million users and four years later there is no doubt the venture was successful.The Bumble office is not large. It is filled with 25 desks, 50 employees, conference rooms and an enormous couch for thrity people. Whitney Wolf Herd wants her employees to be comfortable and inspired. She freely admits if she had attempted to start Bumble without technical support she would not have come nearly as far in just a few years. She provides her team with creative freedom so they can effectively drive Bumble’s message and product.

People have become proud to associate themselves with the Bumble brand. This is partially because Whitney Wolf Herd formalized the community around the dating app. Her launch parties have included Gwyneth Paltrow, Priyanka Chopra, Kim Kardashian West, Fergie, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner and Karlie Kloss. The reason for Bumble’s success is Whitney Wolf Herd believes women should be able to make the first move. She stands by her principles and publicly inserted Bumble in the middle of the gun debate by banning any image featuring a gun on the platform. If the right acquisition opportunity materializes Whitney Wolfe Herd may accept. She would require a lot of value that has nothing to do with money such as a strategic market or intellectual capital.

Matt Badaili’s Role at Banyan Hill Publishing

The article by Brandon Ferguson dated April 24, 2018, Banyan Hill Publishing Offers Investors Information They Won’t Get from Wall Street, from the Affiliate Dork website explains what Banyan Hill Publishing offers, a brief history and their expert contributors.

Banyan Hill Publishing was formerly named The Sovereign Society founded in 1998 providing valuable global investment advice for independent investors and rapidly became a top global investment and asset protection organization. In 2016, renamed Bayan Hill Publishing, focusing on providing everyday American investors expert advice to obtain the freedom wealth offers. The name Banyan is from an East Indian fig tree whose aerial roots can extend several miles underground and although does not grow as tall as redwoods, banyan trees are strong, sturdy and can endure natural disasters. Visit to know more.

The contributors at Banyan offers a wide range of expertise from cryptocurrencies, technology, and much more. These five senior editors are an expert in their fields and oversee the wide variety of investment publications offered at Banyan. Paul Mampilly specializes in technology, growth investing, small-cap stocks and special opportunities and contributes to the Profits Unlimited, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes newsletters. Matt Badiali specializes in resource-based investments and known for introducing the “Freedom Checks” to investors. Matt Badiali is also a contributor to the Real Wealth Strategist. Jeff Yastine specializes in financial markets to help investors understand the latest business, economic, and monetary trends. He contributes to the Total Wealth Insider. Ian King is a cryptocurrency expert and contributes to the Crypto Profit Trader. Ted Bauman, an economist and contributes to the Banyan Hill Publishing’s The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert newsletters. Read this article at

Matt Badiali is not only one of the senior editor but also a senior analyst for Banyan Hill Publishing, he is also a geologist by trade turned financial analyst. He received his undergraduate degree from Penn State University in Geological and Earth Science. Matt Badiali then received his master’s degree in Geology/Earth Science from Florida Atlantic University and all but Dissertation, Ph.D. Candidate in Sedimentary Geology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Banyan Hill Publishing, when compared to traditional financial news media, may seem unconventional and uncommon. They take pride in providing their readers opportunities and knowledge previously only given to elite investors. Banyan Hill Publishing, like the Banyan tree, offers their investors the support and expertise to withstand the ups and downs of the market.

Randal Nardone Is What Fortress Needs for the Unique Investment Acumen

Randal Nardone joined Fortress investment group in 1998. He was, once, named by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s billionaires. Nardone is a shrewd executive with long-standing experience. He has worked with several companies before coming to the helm of Fortress. He is also one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. Nardone has a glistening career that spans over three decades. He was appointed the Chief Executive Officer at Fortress at the age of 55.

Education and Career Background

Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut for his Bachelor of Science degree. He also went on to study law at Boston University School of law and graduated with a JD. Randal Nardone spearheaded Fortress Investment Group to a deal where it was acquired by SoftBank. He still heads the organization in an acquisition arrangement that allowed Fortress to continue operating independently. Randal has also served numerous other companies including UBS where he served as the Managing Director. Randal Nardone was also the Principal of BlackRockFinancial. He has also worked with high-end law firms in New York. Forbes estimated Nardone’s wealth to be in the range of $ 1.8 billion.

About Fortress Investment Group

It was started in 1998 as a private equity firm. It grew to become one of the fastest growing alternative asset management companies in America. Fortress has even expanded its wings to Canada and other countries. It has made a name in its core business through its tailor-made solutions for investors. It also manages over 1750 assets on behalf of both public and private clients. Fortress makes its money from a broad range of investment options including purchasing assets that other investment organizations consider to be of no value and refurbishing them for sale at a higher value. It has also invested in the purchase of assets from foreclosures. Fortress is trusted by many organizations across the globe for its skills in handling risk. By the end of 2017, Fortress is reported to have over 953 employees. It has over 200 investment experts spread across all its outlets.

Fortress Deal with Softbank

Fortress has been acquired by Softbank for $ 3.3 billion. The deal allows Fortress to continue operating with all its leadership and staff. Fortress management, through Wes Edens, who is a co-principal and Randal Nardone, its CEO, says that they are happy with the deal that was approved by Fortress shareholders. The details also reveal that Fortress has surrendered all its rights to its shares to Softbank. Consequently, Fortress shares have been withdrawn from the New York Stock Exchange.

With Enhanced Athlete’s Products, You Can Feel 20 Years Younger

Getting a bit older happens to the best of us. As your body ages, your hormone levels begin to fall off, your metabolism starts to slow way down, and it gets increasingly difficult to get those training and exercise gains that you could achieve decades earlier. Science has not yet uncovered the secrets to reversing aging completely, however, Enhanced Athlete has utilized science to achieve something so special that many other companies have yet to uncover it. Through years upon years of research, Enhanced Athlete has created nutritionally formulated products that can naturally speed up your metabolism, substantially increase your testosterone output, increase your daily energy levels, and even noticeably increase your sexual stamina. How might you ask? Through years of testing and research, Enhanced Athlete has built up a huge catalog of world-class human optimization products that can make you feel decades younger and revitalize your body in ways that you simply never thought were possible.


One of the core business strategies that make Enhanced Athlete stand out from its competitors, is that the company dedicates all of its profits and proceeds to unlock the secrets behind nutritionally formulated products that can aid existing systems within the body to function much more optimally. Many sports performance enhancing products are offered simply so that the entity marketing them can make huge profits and live the high life. That is not the case with Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete is a company founded by body and athletic purists that have spent their entire lives in pursuit of ways to help the body function much better than it otherwise could.


When you’re not shopping for athletic and performance optimizers at Enhanced Athlete’s main superstore, you should take a few minutes to head on over to their sister site, Enhanced Coaching. At Enhanced Coaching, you can get live person to person access to a fitness coach over the internet. This certified trainer will sit down with you and help you craft an exercise and diet plan that will help you reach your goals over the short and long term.


If you’ve worn out your exercise clothing and apparel, then you’re in luck because Enhanced Athlete also operates a huge exercise gear e-commerce store, called Enhanced Gear. Enhanced Gear is another one of Enhanced Athlete’s sister businesses. They offer a gigantic catalog of professionally designed workout clothing that will have you looking great for any fitness or athletic endeavor. Browse their catalog for shirts, pants, hoodies, sleeveless hoodies, hats, gear bags, and tons of cool EA merchandise. Don’t walk around wearing old and outdated exercise attire, get modern and crisp with EA fitness apparel today.

Nothing From Nothing Leaves Eric Lefkofsky

Well, no one seems to have a clue as to how Eric Lefkofsky managed to climb atop 2,300,000,000USD, or even whether he actually has, but one would expect that it’s had nothing to do with Elizabeth’s push for abortion rights. And while the Wizard of Oz remains a favorite play of hidden life lessons, we’ve never imagined glimpsing him, even virtually, beyond that immediate era. Yet, here he is, in the flesh. Reincarnated in the person of Eric Lefkofsky (and friends?)! From here on, we’ll refer to him as E.L. for short. No offense to The Almighty.

Over the past 18 years or so, E.L. has managed to win over the confidences of friends, then family, fellow alums, neighbors and, ultimately, thousands or millions of online shoppers and marketers. He and some college, then law school buddies have purchased or created companies, gained investors, and then employed a rinse-repeat cycle. It appears that his genius rests in selecting incomparable endeavors, numbers manipulation and SEO mastery. You cannot complete typical analysis sentences like: gained _____% of market share. What market? Who’s the market? Select any of the companies he’s started or led and try to complete that sentence! The same conclusion stares at us regarding E.L.’s latest achievement: Tempus.

With a name that sounds like it was a last ditch effort to begin a 2016 virtual assistant hire platform, its reported aim is to gather spurious cancer research and treatment data into a single source for better access, analysis, understanding, development and treatment application. However, part of the duties sought after to accomplish these aims include: “collect, cleanse, and analyze data.” The keyword here will likely pivot around ‘cleanse’ as opposed to ‘analyze’ or even ‘collect.’ Because if you can contain, and offer as product, a data-byte that’s been freed of identifying source information,… Well, you don’t even have to finish the sentence. Pixie dust is weightier. Along those lines, if the research is particular to the DNA of individuals, does that not make it inapplicable to others? The answer to that question is beyond the scope of this paper. That being said, Hole’s Pretty on the Inside tune, ‘Starbelly’ ( has always seemed to maintain a dedicated following.

E.L. is amounting to a wizard who masterfully crafts business place facades. And, likely, those who know have simply said: make it convincing, i.e. keep us behind the green curtain(and in the black). It doesn’t appear that anyone’s been harmed, yet.

E.L. is from the Detroit, Michigan area and currently resides in the Chicago, Illinois area with his wife, Elizabeth, and three children; as far as we can tell. He attended undergraduate and law school in Michigan and started his entrepreneurial quests while pursuing his higher education. 1993, Brandon Apparel. 1999, Starbelly. 2001, InnerWorkings. 2005, Echo Global Logistics. 2006, MediaBank. 2007,, which would later morph into GroupOn in 2008. And 2010, LightBank. It would be an American pride and joy to shout that E.L. is a magnificent producer. But reason would have one conclude that 6,000,000,000.00USD worth of lights shining on GroupOn would’ve been too bright.

E.L. is also known locally for his philanthropic contributions to education, art and childcare. Having opened their Family Charitable Foundation in 2006, E.L. and his wife recently made headline news when they joined the Gates’/Buffet’s The Giving Pledge in 2013. It’s a promise to give the world half of your earnings through nonprofit charity. Keep in mind, however, that fifty percent of nothing leaves…impenetrable bars?

Contact Eric Lefkofsky:

Jose Hawilla: How To Achieve Success In Business

Are you planning to invest your money or start a profitable business? Do you want to know what steps to take to ensure your success? Maybe you want to know why Jose Hawilla is considered one of the leading entrepreneurs in Brazil.


Starting a business requires courage and attention to details. You also want to make sure that you stay focused on your goal, no matter the situation. Successful business people do not give up when they encounter a setback or obstacle.




Jose Hawilla is a top rated entrepreneur and is well known around the world. Jose hawilla has contributed greatly to the business community and is seen as a great mentor. Many entrepreneurs and professionals turn to Jose hawilla for proper guidance and advice. He is well respected and has a great reputation world wide.


Perhaps you want to develop the characteristics that have allowed Jose hawilla to persist and overcome setbacks on his way to entrepreneurship. No matter how many obstacles refusals Jose hawilla encounters, he is always prepared to learn his lesson and devise a better plan to stay on track.


Jose Hawilla takes the time to assess the situation and comes up with an alternative route and keeps working hard. Perseverance is one of the qualities Jose hawilla talks about when advising entrepreneurs. This characteristics is required to start and build a successful enterprise.


Having a positive mental attitude is important when you want to set up, or grow your enterprise. It is advisable to steer clear of negative people and naysayers. Pessimists will not help you take the right steps towards your goal of financial success. You can visit Medium to know more.


Jose Hawilla advises ambitious individuals to surround themselves with positive people. They will encourage you and motivate you until you become successful. It is also crucial to provide top notch products and services, and ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with their transactions or dealings with your company or representatives.


Once you have the right team, and steer clear of naysayers, you can rest assured that you will become successful.