Hawaiian Bottled Water Company the Fresh Face of the Bottled Water Industry

The bottled water industry has been one of the most hated players in the world of portable beverages. Over 22 billion water bottles made their way into incinerators and landfills each year, six times the amount thrown away in the United States compared to 1997.

The Waiakea water company is the freshest face on the bottled water industry and they’ve been making changes for the better. Ryan Emmons co-founded the company three and a half years ago when he discovered the unique properties of the water while with is the family on the Big Island Hawaii.

Ever since his company has grown exponentially in the last three and a half years by 4000%. The drop in the bottled water industry left a hole in the market and Ryan Emmons saw an opportunity to step in and change how people saw bottled water.

The company has seen an annual growth rate of 170% and has gone from simply selling 2,304 cases annually to 122,400 cases. Currently, the company has been estimated to have a value of over $10 million which will continue to grow.

Staying Environmentally Conscious

Ryan Emmons has taken extra steps to ensure the water from Waiakea springs is the naturally purest, an alkaline source of water in the world.

His company has strived to ensure every aspect of the manufacturing process is environmentally conscious and to minimize their carbon footprint. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Manufacturers/Meet-the-entrepreneur-behind-Waiakea-Hawaiian-volcanic-water

Emmons’ company has become the first premium bottled water to be certified as CarbonNeutral. The manufacturing process uses 33% renewable energy and 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate which uses up to 85% less energy to manufacture compared to traditional plastic bottles.

By using this technique the company has been able to cut down on its carbon emissions by up to 90% and the plastic is BPA-free.

Not only has the company endeavored to be environmentally friendly, but the water itself is well worth the effort. Once the water has passed through over 14,000 feet of volcanic rock its mineral composition consists of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and even contains trace amounts of silica.

The Successes of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an hardworking entrepreneur that has worked hard for everything he has. He has founded various companies. Some may even be known by most people. These companies include GroupOn, Tempus, LightBank and so much more. He has found a ton of success being a businessman that really knows how to make some serious money. Eric Lefkofsky has fantastic ideas and knows how to apply them. For example, millions of people use GroupOn everyday. Clearly, that is indicative of his successes in other areas, as well.

Lefkofsky grew up in Michigan with his parents and two siblings. He has both a brother and a sister. He comes from a determined and strong family that values education. He went to the University of Michigan and continued on to the law school that is attached to it. His first business was selling carpets during the time that he went to college. That was the start of his interest in running companies. He started an apparel company with his friend and that really got the ball rolling in his professional goals and more information click here.

Since the beginning, he has started many successful businesses as stated above. He is the co-creator and CEO of GroupOn, that we have all used. His most recent venture is a company called Tempus. This company helps doctors that treat cancer to provide fantastic, personalized care for those that have cancer through brilliant technologies. This is something he strongly believes in and it has found its own success..

He has made more money than one can count. He is not greedy with it, however. He has a huge heart and a charitable organization that he runs with his wife. This charitable organization actually has a lot of branches, helping various causes. Their main focus is to make sure that children are taken care of regardless of their needs or adversities.

Lefkofsky is a busy man, as it is. He also teaches and is on the board of a few organizations like Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and Steppenwolf Theater Company. He loves the arts and sciences, as he is also on the board of The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry.

How Cotemar Has Successfully Diversified Its Portfolio

Mexican conglomerate, Cotemar is a renowned name in the corporate world. The company has diverse investments in offshore construction, shipping, petroleum, and the hospitality industries. The company has been dedicated to providing its clients cutting edge services for close to four decades. Besides individual clients, the corporation also serves public and private companies. This is what has enabled it gain a stranglehold of the industry in the face of stiff competition from its business rivals.


Services Provided by Cotemar


The company prides itself in providing exceptional services to the marine, building and construction, and hospitality industries. It serves the building and construction industry by using innovation to streamline operations in processing centers. Cotemar does this through the provision of offshore installations and by opening up marine gear lines.


Cotemar also provides unmatchable marine support services to its clients by using highly-specialized and technologically advanced fire boats, barges, personal carriers, and towing vessels. To guarantee the safety of its operations, Cotemar’s engineers undertake regular checks and maintenance practices in order to ensure that the vessels meet maritime safety standards.


Company Mission, Vision, and Values


Cotemar’s success story is attributed to the company’s strict adherence to ethical business practices. This is guided by its vision, mission, and corporate values. The company’s services are executed by dedicated and experienced employees, who share its vision, which is to provide value-addition services that are based on operational processes.


Cotemar has also formulated a sustainable development policy, which ensures that its expansion strategies are guided by ethical practices. This has enabled it to identify business opportunities within the marine industry and beyond. Innovation and communication are similarly encouraged. This has promoted effective services delivery and the fulfillment of clients mandates within the specified timeframes.


The reviews of its past clients attest to Cotemar’s consistency and adherence to its corporate principles. Since its establishment, the company has been taking clients’ assignments as its obligation. Each individual mandate is assigned to experts, something that guarantees optimal success. Simplicity and flexibility has also given Cotemar the ability to scale its business setup.


Sustainability Obligations


The company’s processes are constantly geared towards ensuring that global hydrocarbon levels are reduced. It is for this reason that it has set up a program to ensure that the environment and local communities are considered in all its expeditions. Compliance to international legal and ecological guidelines is encouraged. Besides this, it has a strict code of conduct, which ensures that all employees abide by the laid-down environmental sustainability laws.

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CEO Troy McQuagge Receives Recognition Once Again

Troy McQuagge was recently named CEO of the year. He is the CEO of the American health insurance company USHEALTH Group. Troy McQuagge received the premier global award at One Planet Awards. Upon accepting the award, Mr. McQuagge stated that it does not belong only to him but to the entirety of USHEALTH Group. The One Planet Awards are awarded to companies for showing excellence and great success in a professional aspect. There are categories for the award including teams, services, new products, corporate communications and much more

Troy McQuagge became a part of UHEALTH Group in 2010. The first thing he did was to redefine the distribution agency USHEALTH Advisors. For his success, he was elected CEO. Under his skilled leadership, the company has been growing bigger and better ever since he became CEO. It became one of the most competitive companies in the health insurance market today.

Troy McQuagge was born Dallas, US. He went to the University of Central Florida from which he earned his Bachelor’s degree in of Arts in Legal Studies in 1982. His first position was at Health Market where he served as President of the Agency Marketing Group for as long as 11 years and seven months. After that, Troy McQuagge moved on to become a part of USHEALTH Advisors for six years and nine months, and he was later promoted to the position of President and CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc. Troy McQuagge has been occupying the position of CEO for two years and nine months. As a whole, Troy McQuagge has had about 30 years of professional experience behind his back. He is an extremely driven person and has great expertise in the fields of sales and insurance. He has been part of many charitable actions and has volunteered over ten times. Troy McQuagge has a lot of experience with startup companies as well as competitive growing business corporations. He had achieved excellence and proven his capabilities as a leader of both multi-functional and cross-cultural teams. Over his very successful career, he has received over twenty awards and recognitions.


Choosing An Online Reputation Management Company

Reputation control is a critical service that all establishments should consider. The increasing popularity of social networking sites and discussion forums has made it easy for any person to post whatever information they want on the Internet. Negative remarks derogatory reviews from malicious competitors or irate customers can have adverse effect on an organization’s reputation online.

People go online  to learn about a company and its products and services before deciding whether to make a purchase or go somewhere else. According to onlinereputationreviews.com, most only buy from reputable businesses and having good reviews is a way to convince them your business is trustworthy. If your business or personal profile is not positive, people will not want to do business with you.

Having an informative website or blog or that catches the attention of visitors and keeps them coming back, is an excellent way to portray an excellent image. Make you update your website or blog on a regular basis so that visitors know it is current. Get in touch with a knowledgeable team of credibility and reputation management professionals for guidance on removing derogatory reviews about your business.

Online reputation management is a challenging process, so it pays to spend the time required to select an online reputation management establishment that can produce great results. Keep in mind that not all online reputation management enterprises are created equal and, in order to perform as effectively as possible, the organization you select must have certain traits that are searched for in reliable enterprises.

Along with providing a strong knowledge of common search engine optimization strategies and tactics, a good online reputation management organization will also be proficient at content management and development.

Many online reputation management organizations have been advising and rendering guidance on seo techniques and content creation to suppress negative search results. These companies create videos, websites, social media, blogs, and articles to promote their clients’ reputation online and subdue negative reviews. These professionals also have expertise in creating press releases for distribution. Contact a highly reputable team to learn how their services can help you defend against threats and prevent attacks.