Mike Baur Helps to Jumpstart Fintech Companies With His Accelerator program

Mike Baur is leading the way in digital technology by supporting young entrepreneurs and their Fintech startups. Baur founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 as a way to work hand-in-hand with the most brilliant Fintech developers and invest in the market by supporting their startup companies with their accelerator program. Digital product entrepreneurs are invited to present their developments during the pre-selection process in order to receive consideration for their startup Accelerator Program and become apart of the Swiss Startup Factory corporation umbrella. The purpose of program is to carefully select the digital technologies while they are in the startup phase and launch them into a chain of highly respected and successful digital corporations.

As a former Clariden and Sallfort banker, Baur serves as the Founding Partner of the Startup Factory while performing as the appointed Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest, one of the Factories’ partnering corporations. CTI Invest is a leader in innovative startup financing and will therefore compliment The Swiss Startup Factory’s mission. The two companies will join forces to organize events, collaborate on their internet presence and train the entrepreneurs behind the startups that, if selected, will be organized within the startup factory corporation business structure.

One of the events that the Swiss startup factory hosts is called the Startup Accelerator program. This three month long event provides invaluable service, coaching, mentorship, financing and product evaluation to the thriving entrepreneurs. Through collaborative partnerships, the factory serves as an well-rounded entrepreneurial network that startups can utilize in order to propel their digital development endeavors. The Factory even provides office space that the chosen entrepreneurs can utilize during their development while the Factory exhibits their talents to potential investors.

Mike Baur is not only one of the partnering founders of the Corporation, he also serves as an investor panel speaker for the WorldWebForum Next Generation Semester Closing. Through is speeches, Baur educates startup founders on the ins and outs of the Fintech industry while motivating them to challenge their own creatively in order to fulfill their concepts. Baur is skilled at identifying innovative concepts and molding them as they are guided through the rigorous establishment process and helping them to navigate the obstacles that hinder most of their competitors. He has worked diligently to invest in and advise owners of startup and has succeeded in launching several successful startups such as Strucked, Blinkers, Carhelper and Beaconsmind. Without Baurs’ leadership, partnerships and internal knowledge of the startup business sector, these and other companies would not have realized the accomplishments they have

All You Need to Know About Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a business, and he has started several successful start-ups. One of his largest companies is known as Intelligent Beauty. His first startup was known as FitnessHaven.com, and it was purchased by an institution named Intermix Media back in 2001.

After his first startup was purchased, Don Ressler decided to partner with Adam Goldernberg who was only nineteen years old. Together, the duo formed a company known as Alena Media. The institution would specialize in ecommerce. The company did very well, generating millions of dollars. However, it was acquired by News Corp, and unfortunately, it was ignored by its new owners.

Adam and Don Ressler were frustrated because their company was not doing well. They decided to leave and look for greener pastures. The two had already acquired enough skills and experience in the industry, and they were sure that they would succeed in their new businesses. They were doing quite well, especially in the online advertising, a field that was growing rapidly. They chose to start a brand building company that they could handle without difficulties. Together with several members of Alena, Ressler and Goldenberg started a project, and this is how Intelligent Beauty was created.

The company’s first product was known as DERMSTORE. This was a special online skincare market place. After working hard, they also managed to launch a very successful weight loss program, referred to as SENSA. To make sure that the program was successful, they partnered with Dr. Alan Hirsch. Although Intelligent Beauty failed to release its financial statements, their products are known to be extremely profitable.

After doing well in the cosmetic world, Intelligent Beauty managed to start a new startup, a subscription fashion retailer known as JustFab. Just one year after it was launched, the new startup received over thirty million dollars for funding. Lee Simmons was appointed to become Creative Director and president of the company, and in a short duration, it had over four million members.

In 2012, the company announced that it had over six million members, and this made the co-founders to look for more funding. This time, they managed to get seventy six million dollars from several companies.

JustFab has done well ever since the second funding. At the moment, the brand has opened several stores, and it is getting more profits every day. The brand allows the members to get a section of shoes, handbags and any other accessories that they might at need every month. The members are supposed to pay some money for the services they get.

Squaw Valley Chief Executive Andy Wirth Is The Epitome Of An Ironman On A Mission

When the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth, went skydiving one Friday morning, he thought it would be another great day feeling the rush of air around him as he made his way to the ground. But that particular Friday was different. The conditions on that October Friday were less than ideal, and Wirth had to maneuver and land in a vineyard. When he landed, a pole that was holding up one of the grape vines cut through Wirth’s arm.

He had to deal with that traumatic experience all alone. Fortunately, Wirth knew what to do thanks to his training as a backcountry ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Park years ago. Wirth stayed calm, stopped the bleeding, and waited for help. Help came, and Wirth’s arm was saved.

Andy Wirth is the kind of guy that can handle situations like that one. He has the knowledge and the experience to oversee one of the top ski resorts in the world, and he does while he is training for some Ironman competition or training to run a marathon. Wirth is the epitome of an Ironman and a well-trained athlete, but he happens to be one of the most influential executives in the ski resort business.

As President of Squaw Valley Ski Resorts, Andy Wirth is called upon to make decisions that impact not just his ski resort, but all the ski resorts in the area. That is one of the reasons Wirth was named the board Chair of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority.

The Chair of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees is dedicated to bringing more airline service into the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Andy has served on the board for a couple of years, but he was recently named the Chairman.

It’s hard not to go to Lake Tahoe and not see the impact that Wirth has made in that community over the last six years. Andy is involved with the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation. Wirth is also a member of the Truckee River Watershed Council, and the McConkey Foundation. Andy Wirth is known around the ski industry as a man that will accomplish anything he can for the ski and resort industry as well as for the Lake Tahoe community.

When people think of skiing in Northern California, they think of Squaw Valley first, and Andy Wirth is one of the reasons they think that way.

Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.cbs.com/shows/undercover_boss/photos/1000242/season-4-episode-11-sqauw-valley/

Leading Optical Transport Vendor Coriant Names Veteran Shaygan Kheradpir CEO

Trying to understand the internal workings of IT companies isn’t easy. There are terms, operations, and interactions between various companies that compose a network and produce results. But trying to comprehend the nuts and bolts of how things get done is not a job for novices. That’s why working as the head of an IT company is a coveted position. A CEO of an IT company must have a complete understanding of the industry and the components that make of that industry. Coriant is one of the leading optical transport companies in the business, and Shaygan Kheradpir was just named Chief Executive Officer of that billion-dollar company. There is a good reason why the name Shaygan Kheradpir doesn’t sound familiar. Kheradpir is a famous name in the IT community, but if IT isn’t your game, Shaygan’s name isn’t on the tip of anyone’s tongue

But Shaygan’s list of accomplishments is impressive. He has three degrees from Cornell University. The last degree is a Ph.D. in engineering. Kheradpir’s work resume is equally impressive. He started his career at GTE, and when GTE merged with Bell Atlantic and formed Verizon Communications, Shaygan stayed with Verizon as the company’s Chief Information Officer. Kheradpir helped Verizon develop the Verizon One application, and that made him a star in the IT industry. Barclays Bank approached Shaygan and offered him the opportunity to rework their internal IT system. Kheradpir accepted that role and Barclays is still using the system that Shaygan put in place. Kheradpir moved to Jupiter Networks Inc. for a short time before accepting the role as managing partner of Marlin Equity Partners.

Marlin Equity Partners is the firm that helped combine Nokia, Sycamore Networks, and Tellabs into Coriant. Pat DiPietro was named the president of Coriant. The company grew into a billion dollar sales organization while he was CEO. DiPietro recommended Kheradpir as his replacement, and the board of directors agreed with him. DiPietro is moving to Marlin Equity Partners as CEO and Kheradpir is taking his position with Coriant. Kheradpir has worked closely with Coriant while he was director of Marlin Equity Partners, so the executive team is familiar with Shaygan and how he operates. Learn more: http://www.mtv.com/artists/shaygan-kheradpir/

According to an article published by Lightreading.com, Marlin Equity Partners believe Shaygan will bring a level of expertise to the role of Chief Executive Officer that is unique and productive. Kheradpir is a hands-on manager that understands all facets of the IT industry, and his experience is well documented.

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George Soros is Back In The Market

Billionaire investor, market guru, philanthropist and political activist George Soros is a man who, as they say, ‘knows when to hold ’em and knows when to fold ’em.’ Soros always takes a highly strategic approach to his investments, and he’s been known to take lengthy breaks from the markets if the time just doesn’t seem right.

Right now the political situation globally is definitely in flux. While the current political and market volatility we’re seeing might scare off some big investors, Soros is using the situation as an opportunity to get back into the market in a significant way.

Recent trades made by Soros’ company show the investor being more bearish in his strategy. Soros is a man who’s had incredible success (to say the least) as an investor and as a market watcher of great prescience. The last time Soros got heavily involved in trading was back in 2007. Back then Soros took a hard look at the economy and concluded that a major bust was on the way. He traded accordingly, and within two years his strategy earned his company $1 billion. Now, Soros is seeing volatility and instability in the markets again, and it appears he intends to use it as a profit making opportunity.

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In recent years Soros has stepped back from market involvement. This year he stayed out of trading due to the volatility he saw coming out of China. Though some market watchers are feeling more positive about China’s future, and the future of Europe, Soros doesn’t seem to share their views. Right now he is trading with an eye towards benefitting on current and future instability.

Will Soros bets pay off in a big way again? No one knows for sure, but it’s clear that if Soros past track record is any indication, he will be laughing all the way to the bank in the not too distant future.

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