Bury Bad Articles Eliminates Negative Content

For individuals and business alike who are constantly under the scrutiny of the public, negative comments, reviews, or articles can often be detrimental to a reputation that relies heavily on the opinion of the public. For businesses along, the cost of negative press can bring down the overall sales by at least 22 percent. As consumers rely heavily on online comments and reviews about a certain product, one negative review is all that is needed in order to say no to buying from a company. There is also evidence that shows that over three negative a day can lead to a loss of profits by a total of 59 percent. This loss in profits can lead to the going out of business for any company or even small business. If there are even four negative comments posted about a company per day, this can lead to a 70 percent decrease in overall sales for a business. With this being detrimental for the survival of a business, there are new and improved ways to push negative comments at the bottom of the search.

At Bury Bad Articles, this company not only can remove the negative comments from the top of the search list, but can also add in positive content that will even increase the total revenue of a company. Bury Bad Articles understands that negative press can lead to the loss of the company. With this in mind, this company has used its expert team to turn these negative comments around in favor of the business.

This company is able to push not only the unfair articles, but also the comments that are outdated and harmful to the success of a blooming business. As a glimpse of how this company removes negative content, this company first recommends the creation of online public profiles for customers to see. Any use of social media automatically pushed any negative content down the line of search so the consumer is less likely to see the negative comments. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are great ways to bring in new customers to the company.

Securus Technologies Says Fraud By Global Tel Link Inexcusable

Global Tel Link (GTL), one Louisiana’s largest provider of inmate communications, is in hot water. Apparently, in its last nearly two decades of contracting with the Louisiana Department of Corrections, GTL has bilked customers to the tune of nearly $3 million.

The fraud, abuse and lack of integrity of GTL was called to attention by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC). After discovering the abuses, Dallas based Securus Technologies — also, one of the largest providers of inmate telecommunications — decided to release a series of reports outlining the abuses. “We were shocked to find out the extent of the fraud and how long its been going on,” said Securus Technology CEO Rick Smith.

Smith says Securus will release a series of articles over the next few weeks in an attempt to shame GTL into doing right. GTL’s behavior was not only wrong but fully intentional, according to a LPSC official.

Smith went on to say that it doesn’t matter how long ago it happened. He used Bernie Madoff as an example, citing “I don’t care if he defrauded people 50 years ago, I still wouldn’t want to do business with him now.

The infractions committed by GTL are extremely severe. Common practices include over-billing clients by fraudulently padding call time, double billing of calls, interfering with clocks to artificially increase time and ignoring FCC regulated caps in order to charge more money per minute. Louisiana taxpayers were billed over $2 million for the fraud.

Prison insiders say this is one of the worse cases of fraud they have ever witnessed. “It makes the entire telecommunications industry look bad,” said Smith.

GTL did not respond to requests for a interview.

George Soros Speaks Out Against “Brexit”

With Thursday’s vote approaching on whether Great Britain should remain part of the European Union, billionaire investor George Soros is publically speaking out on the issue. Soros believes Great Britain should stay part of the European Union and that a “Brexit” (British exit from the European Union) would have negative economic ramifications, including a significant drop in the value of the pound, according to a recent article in USA Today.

George Soros even warns the Brexit would instantly lead to a major recession and reduction of household income across the country. In his op-ed piece written for The Guardian newspaper Soros described the idea of the Brexit having no impact on the personal financial positions of the British citizens as “wishful thinking.” In the same article Soros warned of a Black Friday not unlike the Black Wednesday recession just 24 years ago. He predicted that the difference is the Black Friday recession would be much worse.

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How Billionaire George Soros Profited From Brexit’s ‘Black Friday’

In Forbes’ article about the world’s billionaires it is mentioned that in 1992, the year of the Black Wednesday crash, George Soros had the foresight to short the British pound and made such an astonishing profit that he gained a reputation as “the man who broke the bank of England.”

Soros is a self made man, making his billions through investing in Hedge Funds. Although he is a resident and citizen of the United States, he received his education in Great Britain at the London School of Economics, according to his profile on Forbes.

In addition to his success as an investor, Soros founded and is currently serving as the chairman of the Open Society Foundation. According to the Open Society Foundation’s webpage, they are a large private philanthropic effort to solidify an open society “where rights are respected, government is accountable, and no one has the monopoly on the truth.” Soros has used his foundation to give away more than $11 billion in his lifetime.

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