Marc Sparks and his Entrepreneurial Spirit Creates Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is a native of Dallas, Texas as well as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and businessman. He has successfully been involved with many of start-up businesses.

Some of the star-ups were very successful while some were not. Whether they were successful or not, he gleaned valuable lessons from them and used those lessons as building blocks for his greater success.

Marc is a self professed poor student in high school, graduating in 1975, but he had passion and no fear of failure. He believes the valve that regulates fear was removed from his psyche and he considers that his greatest asset.

His basic business philosophy is to establish a business model then develop a company culture as he begins to formulate a short term and long term plans and goals. He feels it is important to lead and manage a business by example and he sets the tone and pattern for his team to follow.

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His softer side includes deep rooted philanthropy. He has a tremendous passion for helping others and has been involved in life saving projects for most of his life. He is all for helping people who want to help themselves and the best way to accomplish that goal is to offer a hand up and not just a hand out.

Marc has helped a homeless shelter called Samaritan Inn go from a small home to one that serves more than 200 people each day with housing and meals.

He and his wife built and support a transitional apartment complex, the first of its kind in North Texas to provide an additional helping hand to those wanting to right their own ship. Additional, Marc has opened a thrift store that is thriving and is underwriting the construction of a family shelter. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads and Marc Sparks – AngelList

Because of these efforts thousands of people have regained their independence and are once again productive citizens of society.

Marc’s wife, Lynne recognized social service entrepreneurs with funding opportunities for their innovative ideas will increase social success stories. To that end Marc and Lynne created Spark Tank.

Applicants present their “out of the box” idea to a panel and if chosen will receive funding to help their project succeed. Applicants are required to be a certified non-profit organization with a two year history of service. Applicants are required to apply online and present their idea to the Spark Tank panel on their designated date.

Such winners have built a kennel at the Samaritan Inn so homeless families do not have to give up their beloved pet while working to rebuild their lives, as well as provided fuel for a shuttle bus for one year so clients without a vehicle could get to their jobs on a daily basis.