Jon Urbana – A Multi-Talented Man With Vision

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur with quite a background. He has done amazing things, and here are just some of them:

Urbana’s Charity Work

Jon’s charity work is notable. He is into the environment and wants to keep it clean. He has made Earth Force, which is a Go Fund Me campaign. In this type of charity work, he likes to get the younger generation involved in helping with the environment.

Jon Urbana’s Lacrosse Camp

Jon Urbana runs a lacrosse camp for children. His love for the sport prompted him to launch this camp where he teaches and coaches the younger generation.

Flying Career

Jon’s flying career is impressive. He has been recognized as part of the FAA Airmen Certification Database by the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration. Jon Urbana sets a good example for other pilots because of his great attention to detail when he is taking off, flying and landing.

Urbana’s Photography

Landscapes, animals and more are the types of photographs that Jon likes to take. His videos are clear, with good color. He likes to tell a story with the pieces in his pictures as a true artist does.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Making it a point to follow Jon Urbana and his latest accomplishments is a good idea. He’s on Twitter (@jonurbana1), on Facebook (and also has an official fan page), and on Tumblr. He is always finding new and more things to get involved in, and he is always improving on what he has already accomplished. He believes in giving back to the world, and all his successes with the Villanova Wildcats have made it easy for him to teach and coach a variety of other people as they are going about their experiences and adventures in the world today. He wants them to strive to be more than ordinary too, and in all cases, it seems to be working out very nicely.